ZX programming Essay (2)

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  1. 2006-12-04
    Performance is difficult to speculate about, in a design not too much time to consider performance, the only way to encourage you follow the simple principles.
    Here are some test reports, to tell you can use some simple design:
    1) than the pointer connection string to connect simple: the maximum length of 100 to 30 to find a string array string only <0.003 ms (test code).
  2. 2006-12-14
    Analysis Paralysis (analysis paralysis): system analyst for the sake of perfection or excessive delay in specifications carefully established, follow-up time extrusion process, the solution is to use incremental development process (Incremental & Iterative development process).
    British Prime Minister Winston Churchill to be a saying: Perfectionism is equal to a standstill - very insightful illustrates the harmful effects of a perfectionist.
    A constant search for the "right" answer people tend to suffer from "analysis paralysis", this disease appears to affect a lot of learned people. In fact, learning is achieved through mistakes - mistakes that we learn to walk through, cycling and even driving.
  3. 2007-01-18
    DDD-> OOD-> TDD
    OOD: DIP-> (SRP) -> ISP-> (LSP) -> OCP
    Use interface to isolate class, the introduction of Mock object isolation test;
    An interface represents an abstract interface that is hidden detail;
    Interfaces limits the size of TDD cell, ultimately reducing the coupling.
  4. 2007-02-07
    As described by Robert C. Martin, the object composition to achieve the object can be called the idea of 90,180 degree turn, which greatly expanded the three basic implementation structure (sequence, branch, loop), lead to wonderful changes. Object composition, duties entrusted What is the purpose? - Call the turn, generate torque effect.
    Usually parallel to the class system that does not produce torque effect.
  5. 2007-02-28
    Design objective? In addition to natural answer: In order to achieve! Have a more far-reaching purpose: to not achieve, that is, through the design trade-off decisions to achieve anything, do not achieve anything. This is a border control problem, too many projects fail to achieve what is not is not, but rather because of excessive delays in achieving delivery.
  6. 2007-03-17
    Programming learning, mainly by reading other people, read The skilled procedures. Their own development practice or exercise, can only be accepted ideas digestion, the use of more skilled and can not really generate new ideas.
  7. 2007-03-19
    Eliminate corporate waste: As long as the user can not see or feel the product input, are a waste.
  8. 2007-05-11
    The purpose is to exchange modeling, modeling is not a discovery process, because you can not trial and error. New areas for research and development, the only way to remain constantly TDD / refactoring, continuous integration, then the model is more a reverse engineering for communication, evaluation, learn valuable suggestions.
  9. 2007-05-11
    When the broad analysis, it will immediately write a bunch of headaches with the TDD code, then, should debut the reconstruction. Reconstruction, the first meaning: in the chaotic code to identify the abstract - ignore the details, to enlarge the essence. When the abstract is found, the reconstruction of the first approach is the interface to separate, then may need to open up several new units, since several new class name, the introduction of several new test unit, the original code should be changed quickly were simple, and extracted the code should be high cohesive.
  10. 2007-05-23
    The image of that, the best program structure is suspended, like a tightrope hanging in sealed metal drums one by one. Suspension is interface is decoupled drums package or module, cable is the architecture. In other words, architecture is entirely composed by the interfaces.
  11. 2009-03-09
    Agile process is a starting point for brainstorming meeting (brainstorming), do not forget that this process produced creative ideas, readily graffiti, code fragments and other bits and pieces all written down and categorized in order to develop the document, and follow the possible nature of the principles of priority to sort, these will promote the development process of fuel, but also the development of the document constitutes a core value.
  12. 2009-04-08
    Design process is always the endless harassment by the performance, simply stop hell up! Always follow the correct approach is simple, intuitive principle - performance issues should be left to the optimization stage to resolve.
  13. 2009-10-29
    TDD method is the most easily acceptable to support reconstruction of freedom, the most difficult is acceptable to follow the principles of OO.
  14. 2009-10-31
    Interface is divided into two types: hanging interface and into the interfaces. This UML diagram can see very clear: good design drawn UML diagram, the interface is always down the decomposition of layers (or commission) details of the high-level abstract model of eye-catching position at the top. Into the interfaces are always in the top, which provide the model number of infrastructure or preconditions.
  15. 2009-11-15
    Corresponds to the "abstract and details of" the best term is the "framework and interface", there are many similar descriptions, such as: "a number", "Global and temporary", "stable and volatile," "repeated reuse and one-time use "," long code and short code "," loop statement with a few other complex simple statement, "...
  16. 2009-11-30
    Remove half of each code, function and flexibility will be twice as powerful.
  17. 2009-12-15
    The code is rubbish, it is not easy to exchange, nor any abstract and flexibility, can only play the role of model validation. Only with the model that is valuable ideas, these ideas are mostly in the development process of continuous learning, knowledge accumulation areas (ie, understanding of needs). Therefore, the development process is the process of learning domain knowledge. Some masters even suggested: The best way is to develop both the development of (N) times - is deeply felt. Almost all of the software are becoming useful after 3.0.
  18. 2010-05-28
    Value object is a very simple, flexible design, but in reality is more present in the system entity object, if we can separate entity object creation, possession, destruction, persistent storage and the duties of a similar structure in, is a reference to the entity object as the value of the object can be designed so that the user entity object can enjoy the tremendous value of the object of interest. Typically, the value of the object is worth pursuing in the operation of a closed design (refer to sets of real numbers in mathematics arithmetic operation).
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