[YUI source learning] YUI Get Utility dynamic loading mechanism

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[Note] YUI before the analysis is aimed at YUI 2.8 version.

On the dynamic loading

First is that on which a method of dynamic loading and dynamic loading have any effect.

Sometimes the development page, you need to load a lot of js files. Js file for each load consumes a lot of time, while dynamic loading mechanism to allow js file loaded when needed, to speed up page rendering speed. The nature of the script element is added to the Dom tree inside.

Google found a lot of dynamic loading of the article, in fact, mentioned four methods are in fact add a script element to the head inside. But are asynchronous load. The fourth method uses XHR to the request, you can sync, but must declare their synchronization. And this can only be in the homologous strategy.

About YUI Get Utility

Get Utility to see common use areas: translation from YUI / Get Utility official website.

1, cross-domain access to resources: because XMLHttpRequest is a strict homology strategy to obtain third-party data through XHR need a proxy server. If you are able to control or cross-domain resources fully trusted, you can not directly through the proxy server load script where data from different sources; the script file, may be typical json formatted data, the time will quickly look at the implementation of load . One thing is essential, if you load the script file with malicious code, there is no safety mechanism to ensure that users are not subject to the impact of malicious code, because the browser to full permissions to execute the code. So remember this: do not let the user access to those who can not completely trust the data source.

2, advanced loading methods:

In the rich client applications, dynamic load based on user needs js files and css files become very useful, Get utility provides functions to dynamically load resources. (Note: If you load the YUI which resources you can use YUIloader to load, YUILoader use the Get Utility to load YUI components and YUI components to solve dependency)

Now analyze the dynamic loading YUI on the first YUI Get Utility is implemented as closure, only exposed part of the methods and data. API key is used to see inside. Talk about the form of closure, in fact, control of flexible use of the domain.

YAHOO.util.Get = function() {

   //_next   It can only be used in yahoo.util.get   ,  It encapsulates the  .

var _next=function(){


//return  It is available   API :

return {



   . . . . . .



YUI is also used by createElement, and then append script node to node or node to load, but the difference is a pair of nodes onload event listener, and to achieve synchronization by monitoring the effect of making script node simultaneously loaded in accordance with the order End.

YUI2.8 which loaded on the onload event listener on the node has bug, do not blame YUI, is to leave the browser wars, the consequences. Talk about this a bit later.

Load theory:

YUI on the script and css load, a function which can load multiple resource url, are still synchronized. For loading purposes, YUI as a transaction to deal with, when the suspension occurs when the method calls the custom onFailure. YUI Get the order in accordance with the definition of a url of a load, the design process is the last resource url for onload listener, only later, when the loading finished loading the next url resources.

Another one is _next function is _track function. In the next function to call once, shift click on the url array, remove the first element, and call _track to listen. In _track function monitor in, url's onloaded event handling calls on _next is also called the next url.

Come to talk about YUI2.8 bug exists in the local.

First talk in the append node on the dynamic loading, the onload of the node to monitor. script node and css link node of the monitor is different and in each browser is different.

[YUI source learning] YUI Get Utility dynamic loading mechanism

The map source http://www.zachleat.com/web/2010/07/29/load-css-dynamically/

Above explained:

Javascript and css in the case of homology of these resources can be a way to get through the XHR data browser for the onreadystatechange Event;

In the case of different sources, and load the script node to monitor, firefox and ie event name ie for the onreadystatechange, firefox for the onload;

css node ie do a good listener, and the script is still the same, but firefox has no such monitoring.

With the difference between firefox and ie to explain this a bit shallow, and the YUI source browser is used for its core to the various different treatment,

if (ua.ie) {
            n.onreadystatechange = function() {
        } else if (ua.webkit) {

            if (type === "script") {
                   if (ua.webkit >= 420) {
                     n.addEventListener("load", function() {
               // Here use the poll method to confirm that the script resource loading up
                } else {
                    var q = queues[id];
                    if (q.varName) {
                        var freq=YAHOO.util.Get.POLL_FREQ;
                        q.maxattempts = YAHOO.util.Get.TIMEOUT/freq;
                        q.attempts = 0;
                        q._cache = q.varName[0].split(".");
                        q.timer = lang.later(freq, q, function(o) {
                            var a=this._cache, l=a.length, w=this.win, i;
                            for (i=0; i<l; i=i+1) {
                                w = w[a[i]];
                                if (!w) {
                                    // if we have exausted our attempts, give up
                                    if (this.attempts++ > this.maxattempts) {
                                        var msg = "Over retry limit, giving up";
                                        _fail(id, msg);
                                    } else {
                            f(id, url);
                    }, null, true);
                    } else {
                        lang.later(YAHOO.util.Get.POLL_FREQ, null, f, [id, url]);

        // FireFox and Opera support onload (but not DOM2 in FF) handlers for
        // script nodes.  Opera, but not FF, supports the onload event for link
        // nodes.
        } else {
            n.onload = function() {
                f(id, url);

The following source code as YUI Get inside _track function

// FireFox and Opera support onload (but not DOM2 in FF) handlers for

// script nodes.  Opera, but not FF, supports the onload event for link

// nodes.


        } else {

            n.onload = function() {

                f(id, url);



Figure source article is css node pseudo listening. Interested to see.

YUI 2.8, and not in firefox the css link node implementation monitoring, synchronization, so a load in just a css to load the resources in the API, YAHOO.util.Get.css the url parameters not only <string> like the script method of the url parameter <string|string[]>

These are only personal humble opinion, there is the wrong place please correct me.

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