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Wordpress is an excellent platform for writing blog, now the direction of the trend towards cms;
Wordpress users in the use of the process, sometimes want to add a new page, and is very flexible, such as fully customizable, and needs a place to display the various parts of the template, such as menu, tag, etc.;

At this time, you can use wordpress page template function;

Here to wordpress 2.9 as an example:

1. To use the template directory, create a file called page-abc.php, add the following to the head

The following content can be easily written, both can easily write a hello, world, you can write code like this Include the header files

2. Back to wordpress, choose page -> New, and create a new page, the title is set to abc, this time a permanent link usually / abc /, the article content can be filled nothing;

Well, access to your address, such as the development of my local address, you can see the page of the


So, you can fully customize wordpress add a new page, by other means to accomplish the function of wordpress does not provide, and well integrated, and wordpress

Wordpress custom page on the issue, there are many online statement is completed in the first step in the template directory file, the second step, when the new page select superior to abc, I tested this approach, if you are using a custom template, which sometimes can not see the drop-down list of this new page template; but if you use 2.9 or later, you can use a file name described in this article to determine the relationship between the page template method

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