windows xp master landscaping

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  • windows xp master landscaping 2011-03-30

    Contains login theme, off topic, subject matter interface Example: "Addy Blue logon", "Animated Longhorn", "Arise Logon", "Aston Marten Amv", "Fergie", "Future Kid", "Longhorn Plex", &q

  • Learning Notes Series ROR a Windows XP installation configuration of the environment (2) 2009-07-09

    Recently concluded a project , Idle boredom , So prepare yourself to learn about ROR charge your energy , ROR in JavaEye see above for a long time , But the comparison has been busy as a Java project , So no more attention to , Robbin is inadvertentl

  • (ZZ) in windows XP to use git small Kee (1)-with JGit / EGit 2009-07-07

    In the windows XP to use git small Kee (1)-with JGit / EGit First, install the necessary client-side 1. JGit / EGit plug-in for Eclipse 3.5 a. Menu -> Help -> Install New Software -> "Add" Button; b. "Add Site" Name: jgit Loca

  • [Windows] Raiders Daquan 6 --------- Windows XP FAQ finishing 2010-06-02

    [I am using Windows XP system, will use any means to improve the boot speed? ] Use Microsoft's "Bootvis" software can effectively improve the Windows XP boot speed. This tool is available inside Microsoft, designed to enhance the Windows XP boot

  • Let Windows XP more stable system 2010-08-04

    1, Win XP restore damaged system files if the Windows XP system files damaged by viruses or other reasons, we can restore Windows XP installation disk files that are damaged. Specific ways: in the Windows XP installation disk search corrupted files,

  • Slow Windows XP startup problems 2010-12-07

    Today, open the computer actually slow to die. The main phenomenon is that after booting into the desktop, the desktop does not fully show that the local connection, the input method that did not boot up. In general, the computer system services a sl

  • Under Windows XP using Git a small note (a) - with JGit / EGit 2009-09-24

    Under Windows XP using Git a small note (a) - With JGit / EGit First, install the necessary client 1. JGit / EGit plug-in for Eclipse 3.5 a. Menu -> Help -> Install New Software -> "Add" Button; b. "Add Site" Name: jgit Locati

  • Detailed Windows XP System Service 2011-03-05

    To properly manage and configure system services, we must first make sure you have the appropriate permissions, otherwise you can not change some settings. Therefore the most convenient way is to use the Administrator group user. Changes in service s

  • linux下gadmin-samba设置,samba让windows xp访问linux共享文... 2013-07-13

    可用的 /etc/samba/smb.conf 文件内容(我的例子): [global] netbios name = home server string = Samba file and print server workgroup = MSHOME security = user hosts allow = 127. 192.168.1. interfaces = bind interfaces only = yes remote an

  • Windows XP today take a back seat 2009-07-12

    According to Microsoft's standard policy, Microsoft software products in support of the mainstream of technology normally last for 5 years and thereafter will enter a period of 5 years technical support of the expansion phase, the final software will

  • Windows XP services that must be prohibited 10 2009-07-20

    Many Windows services are double-edged sword, and will bring a lot of bad security. This paper introduces the 10 services, suggest that you definitely want to disable, in addition to the prohibition of more than ten recommendations for user reference

  • At present, the most effective methods - make your pirated Windows XP into Genuine 2009-09-25

    How to verify legitimate piracy crack, remove the annoying Microsoft lock asterisk have been troubled by the many users of pirated! Of course, in order to combat piracy, Microsoft is also gone to great pains to genuine update upgrade verification pro

  • How to install IIS - WINDOWS XP installation under IIS Tutorial 2009-09-29

    Installation conditions: Windows XP operating system + system installation CD-ROM Other notes: windows2000 installation of IIS and IIS is installed under Windows2003 can refer to the course, more or less the same Installation steps: 1, insert the win

  • (Reprinted) Windows XP to resume the default XML file icon 2009-11-28

    The following XML files in the Windows XP icons are sometimes lost or changed by another application and resume XML text Pieces of the default icon for the method is to find the DLL file icon management of XML documents, this file is located in% OS_H

  • Use Erlang NIF to snoop, capture packets (in Windows XP) 2010-02-03

    1. Overview In my last blog topic, I realize a network sniffer in Ubuntu, here I rewrite the code in Windows XP, and add a new function to find all network adapter. 2. Developing enviroment - Windows xp - MinGW 5.1.6 - Gcc 3.4.5 - WinPcap 4.1.1 - Erl

  • Install Datastage 8.1 on Windows XP 2010-02-09

    With the memory record Datastage 8.1 in the Windows XP installation process above. There may be some errors, memory has been getting worse. Ha ha. 1: Back up the Windows registry and the C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc directory. 2: Install D

  • Microsoft Windows XP: the legend of immortal 2010-03-17

    Original Source: Foreign media reports, at present, Microsoft itself has a problem, or specifically, is formed by the three conflicts as a major problem: 1, Windows XP too successful, but only their own succes

  • windows 7 + windows xp dual-system installation notes 2010-02-19

    The current operating system is windows xp sp2 32 Bit 160G hard disk partition as c: 40g d: 60g e: 60g full NTFS format xp in c drive Expected operating system windows xp sp2 32 Bit + 32-bit windows 7 Simplified Chinese Ultimate 160G hard disk partit

  • Windows XP, how to view the computer switch machine records 2010-02-24

    In windows XP, we can use the "Event Viewer" The Event log service view the computer's open, the shutdown time. Because the event log service will start with the computer on and off, and leave a record in the event log. Here the need to introduc

  • Windows XP can not display the thumbnails of the solution 2010-03-29

    Click Start - Run Enter this line carriage return on the line regsvr32 shimgvw.dll In Windows XP/2003, the system provides us with a display of documents in a more intuitive way - thumbnails in this display, the images, text documents, the abbreviati