Windows XP does not start to show a user name and password box

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Method 1:

In the operation input control userpasswords2

In the pop-up "user accounts" window, remove "to use the machine, the user must enter a user name and password (E)" can be recognized in front of the hook and then

Method 2:

Step one: Open the "Control Panel", then choose Control Panel "Administrative Tools" Administrative Tools in the open, select "Local Security Policy." In the Security Settings dialog box opens, select "Local Policies", double-click Local Policies in the "Security Options" in the Security Options, double-click "Interactive Login: Do not display last user name" and then in the pop-up dialogue box, click "Enabled", so we completed the first step.

Step two: Open the "Control Panel" and then in the Control Panel select "User Accounts" in the Open dialog box, select "Change the way users log on or off" to "Use the Welcome screen" check mark before removing, then Click the Applications option, restart the computer, it will prompt you to enter "User Name" and "Password." And next time you log in will not display your user name.

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