windows tips to make the music sound

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  • windows tips to make the music sound 2010-04-21

  • make the music sound windows tips 2010-04-21

  • Software interface design principles (to) 2011-05-24

    A: Follow the same guidelines, establish standards and compliance Both control uses, prompt wording, or colors, window layout style, follow uniform standards, to be truly consistent. So the benefits: 1: enables users to use to establish accurate hear

  • Extjs3 disabilities to achieve the lower right corner of small posts 2010-07-09

    Transfer from: Ext.ns ('MyLib'); / ** * Lower right corner of the window Tips * @ Author tipx * @ Params conf reference Ext.Window * Conf add autoHide configuration items, the default 3 seconds automatically hide,

  • MSN and QQ instant Silverlight analog message box prompt 2010-07-23

    LSMessagePopup.cs: using System; using System.Net; using System.Windows; using System.Windows.Controls; using System.Windows.Documents; using System.Windows.Ink; using System.Windows.Input; using System.Windows.Media; using System.Windows.Media.Anima

  • Win 7 buttoned under the notebook's fingerprint recognition 2010-08-04

    This article will teach you buttoned under Windows 7 laptop fingerprint recognition, in this should be the first clear that the program for the ASUS f81se, the system is Win7, the article will introduce the two programs, I suggest you read the text o

  • ab (apache benchmark) limits the number of concurrent 2010-11-05

    Ab when using more than 1024 when the number of concurrent error will show: Under windows tips: apr_pollset_create failed: Invalid argument (22) presented under linux: socket: Too many open files (24) Here is an article from the CSDN transfer solutio

  • apr_socket_recv: Connection reset by peer (104) 2010-11-07

    apr_socket_recv: Connection reset by peer (104) I was tested using Apache2.2 the ab encountered, compared to one local association, Apache2.2 settings / Conf / extra / httpd-default.conf MaxKeepAliveRequests 2000, this is to set Apache to allow acces

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    User Manual Directory 1. JQuery formValidator What is it? 2. JQuery formValidator what can and can not do? 3. What circumstances should I use jQuery formValidator? 4. Quick Start 5. Using jQuery formValidator file must be loaded 6. JQuery formValidat

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    VC API to play WAV files for the PlaySound function. 1. Function Details: PlaySound function is declared as: BOOL PlaySound (LPCSTR pszSound, HMODULE hmod, DWORD fdwSound); Parameter pszSound is designated to play the sound of the string, the paramet

  • In the write debugging when using VC6.0, beginners always encounter some errors, for the following error is mainly because there is no MFC class library reference to the problems. 2011-08-08

    In the write debugging when using VC6.0, beginners always encounter some errors, for the following error is mainly because there is no MFC class library reference to the problems. Error phenomenon: nafxcwd.lib (thrdcore.obj): error LNK2001: unresolve

  • 20 Tips that make your Windows 7 Fun 2010-12-09

    Windows 7 Classic Skills 20 - 20 Tips to make your Windows 7 Fun 1, the task bar icon has a keyboard shortcut to the shortcut key to open the users want these applications, simply hold down the Windows key, then press the keypad number corresponding

  • Windows 7 on the sound card to work in unusual solution 2010-03-27

    After many difficulties and finally to today's sound card windows 7 has lost solved the problem. From the Internet is not a lot of ways to solve this problem, and finally found out that Windows Audio service and dependency services Multimedia class s

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    win8 House ( in win8 tips to help you improve windows channel optimization techniques: Raiders saving energy save money According to the information website Win7news reported recently in the energy conservation performance of the conc

  • [Windows] Raiders Daquan 4 --------- XP for performance tips 2010-06-02

    First, abolish the decompression function Windows XP can unlock your Zip compressed file, but you are not more love Winzip, WinRAR does? Then to extract the Windows XP default function cancel it! Press the "Start" → "Run", type "r

  • Mac tips - easy access to Windows to Mac network share 2010-09-21

    With the Mac for some time, summed up in one word, that is, "cool!" Of course, there are accurate when, for example, changed keyboards, using eclipse shortcut keys for my fingers bit distorted; want avi, see mkv, also require a decoder, even to

  • oracle under windows is being used to fight OPATCH tips oci.dll 2011-04-18

    As the database failure, you need to install the latest OPATCH patch the operating system for windows 2003 sp2 64bit, database oracle, install the latest patch bundle 43 When performing opatch apply, suggesting that $ ORACLE_HOME / bin / o

  • windows 7 tips to install oracle 10g client OCI error 2011-07-05

    Installed a few days Oracle, is finally installed, the original path of Oracle does not support Chinese problem. Installation process: 1, now take care of installing the search to find refhost.xml, Find the following: <! - Microsoft Windows Vista ->

  • WINDOWS Install Oracle 10g tips for: 5.0,5.1,5.2,6.0 one of the solutions 2011-08-12

    Install oracle 10g in WIN7, the following message: Checking operating system requirements ... Request result : 5.0,5.1,5.2,6.0 One of the Actual results : 6.1 Check completed. overall results of this check : Failed <<<< Problem : Oracle Databa

  • Windows NT Driver Developer Tips - matters to be taken to avoid 2010-04-10

    Link to the original discussion: Belongs Forum: Hardware / Systems Audit Group: VC / MFC Asked by: CodeWarrior settled: CodeWarrior 1. Must not be marked in the absence of I / O request packe