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[I am using Windows XP system, will use any means to improve the boot speed? ]

Use Microsoft's "Bootvis" software can effectively improve the Windows XP boot speed. This tool is available inside Microsoft, designed to enhance the Windows XP boot speed. Extract the download to a folder, and in the "Options" item in the set using the current path. Followed from the "Trace" key drop-down menu, select tracking mode. The program will re-boot Windows XP starts, and record start the process, generate relevant BIN file. After calling this file from Bootvis, Trace items from the drop-down menu, select "Optimize system" command can.

[I am using Windows XP, found that with increasing, delete applications, disk free space decreasing, why? ]

Start from the Windows 2000, Windows hard disk partition will be in each a "System Volume Information" Wen Jian folder, the folder in the system provided in the default backup file saved in the system Hai Yuan. However, no formal offer Windows 2000 System Restore feature in XP, you can see the relevant options. To prevent this problem occurs, the easiest way is to turn off "System Restore" function. If you want to delete this folder to save the file, you need to Administrator (administrator) log on the system.

[Courier services WINDOWS NT/2000/XP operating system comes with an information service program. When users install the operating system. The service program is open by default. ]

Close method
1: Install the PC firewall (such as Skynet personal firewall, and security level set to high).
2: Turn off the concrete operation of the service are as follows: in the NT/2000/XP operating system's Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services, will alerter, messager services you can turn off or enter the DOS interface, type net stop msg and net stop alerter command

[How to improve Windows XP run faster? ]

While Windows XP offers a very good interface appearance, but also denied setting such a great extent, affected the system speed. If your machine up and running speed is not fast, recommended cancellation of all of the additional desktop settings, which is the Windows XP desktop back to the Windows 2000 style. Set method is very simple, in the "My Computer" right click and select "Properties", in "Advanced" tab, click "Properties" item in the "settings" button in the associated interface select " Adjust for best performance "checkbox. In addition, an significant impact on Windows XP hardware is memory. Use 256MB of memory running Windows XP would be more smooth, 512MB of memory allows the system to run very well.

[I have Windows XP set the user access the disk permissions, but later, as a user accidentally deleted, can not now see the Cipan and encrypted files, how do? ]

Windows XP has more security features, if you set user permissions when using protection, other users can not directly access your folders, even system administrators will not work. While such security, but a problem is very troublesome thing. If you happen to encounter this problem, must be logged Administrator, and then Folder Options in the "View (View)" tab "Advanced Settings (Advanced Settings)" List window, turn off "Use simple file sharing (using simple file sharing) "check box. Returned to the appropriate folder or disk partition, the associated menu "Properties (property)" command, switch to the "Security (Security)" tab, you can see them at this time did not allow access to any user, single Click "Advanced (Advanced)" button to enter advanced settings interface. Switch to the "Owner (owner)" tab, in which if your users list, select it and choose the interface below the "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects (child containers and objects replace the owner)" check box, click the "Apply (application)" add to set, then you can see "Permissions (rights)" tab to see your name. Of course, if the "Permissions (permission),"
Tab allows you to add a new access to the user, you can ignore the above operation. Click "OK (OK)" button to return, you can now access the original encrypted folder, or disk. In addition, if you "Pemissions" tab to see a very long "S-1-5-21-xxxxx", and all are numbers of users, this may create a user name before, but it has been damaged , and select the user, clear interface "Inherit from part the permission entries that apply to child objects. Inculde these with entries explicitly defined here (Inherit from parent to child objects that can be applied competence projects, including those in the clear Definition of project) "check box. Select the interface in the associated "Copy (copy)" command, then the user can remove this useless.

[I installed Windows XP, in the "Add / Remove Programs" in not finding boot disk production process, how can I do? ]

In Windows XP, does not own procedures for making a boot disk, need to use other tools to achieve, you can download at the following address to the appropriate version of the authoring tool.

Family version http://go1.163.com/xiaolh/winxp3/20020117/20020117A.htm

Advanced version http://go1.163.com/xiaolh/winxp3/20020117/20020117B.htm

In use should be noted that this procedure can only be done for the Windows XP boot disk to use, and you need to use this procedure to prepare 6 blank, formatted 1.44MB high density floppy disks, which can be used to drive No. Start the computer.

[Why should I install Windows XP in DOS is very slow? ]

You must not run before you install smartdrv.exe, if you do not run this, you may install one night finish. Smartdrv.exe in windows 98/me CD or windows / command / there.

[Why is the installation process prompted me to be converted partition as NTFS]

This is because you installed under windows when not carefully installed, just start the installation when there is a high - and then the installation process allow me to choose to install to the partition. Re-run the installation program, remember to choose it, and then restart after the install to the partition can choose whether to retain the original partition and format, or formatted as NTFS OR FAT32 and so on.

[Why do I always installed into Windows XP shutdown reboot]

The problem is that some motherboards can not be advanced power management support for Windows XP. AWARD BIOS with the general board computer does not have this problem so far encountered in the BIOS of the motherboard AMI have this problem, such as the Gigabyte motherboard. The solution is to upgrade your motherboard's BIOS, the update BIOS, this is a more dangerous operation, better if experienced people to help you.

[Why is my QQ in Windows XP running very slow]

This problem seems to be an early version of the QQ and not compatible with Windows XP, and now the QQ is not the problem.

[Why is my Internet Explorer under Windows XP running slow]

If your machine if enough CPU and memory is generally not the problem. But I found that if you are in IE's advanced options do change things, such as the number of results, etc., these effects have been turned off to speed up IE, in fact, then there will be very slow to run IE, especially the display above The menus and toolbars time. The simplest solution is the Advanced Options panel, click on the default, you can use the IE default settings.

[Why is my Windows XP install the Simplified Chinese language pack or English]

To the Control Panel, Regional Options, menu display, select Simplified Chinese can be, you can log off and log on again. If you do not choose to use this configuration for all users, you will find other users inside or English interface.

[Why MPEG4 AVI format in Windows Media Player 8.0 can not be put]

Sometimes placed with the Media player when the only sound avi no images, or can not put, this is the reason for the lack of www.divx.com decoder can download and install the divx.

[Unknown reasons, can not enter windows. After n times boot to enter after, with the ghost restore the c drive, when carried out about 90% on the crash, restart, they show:
em disk
Disk I / O error
Replace the disk, and then press any hey
Even the format is also impossible, also shows the contents of the above, how to do ah? ]

1. A computer boot display: em disk. Disk I / 0 error, according to the understanding of English should be the hard disk physical errors. Start with a win98 disk in A:> prompt, type sys c: enter, run chkdsk c: / f, and then run scandisk c:, reboot into win98 after successfully
2. Quick Save not start Win98 method

Power View shows the following information:
Starting Windows 98 ...
Unknown Flash Type.
em disk
Disk I / O error
Replace the disk, and then Press any key.

This is the second time I encountered the same broken down. I remember last time I first partition the drive, format, then reinstall the Windows 98 system, and some commonly used software, spend a couple of hours, especially in the old machine to install this sound card driver is take a great strength Is this have to repeat the previous complicated steps? Think of them a little shudder, so I decided to find a simpler solution.

I would first try to boot from a floppy disk, a successful, they try to enter the C disk, file with the DIR command to list directory is C, the suspect boot file is damaged, it implemented the "SYS A: C:" command delivery system, Restart the machine after the completion, failure remains.

I think the hard disk can not boot normally with the main hard disk boot sector has a lot out of the question, but I vaguely remember using "FDISK / MBR" command fixes most of the hard disk of the master boot sector, why not quickly try ! Immediately from the floppy disk boot, the first implementation of the "FDISK / MBR" command, then "SYS A: C:" delivery system files, restart the computer after, C drive really
Guide successful. Unfortunately, at this time can only enter the DOS state, can not continue to start Windows 98. A closer view the system boot files and found the MSDOS.SYS much smaller number of bytes, modify the properties of this file after the EDIT view its contents with, indeed much less command line. I'll start from another machine to normal MSDOS.SYS COPY a file, restart the computer again, and finally appeared in Windows 98 interface, and the system has also returned as ever had.

[Why is Windows XP installed, my other operating systems in the Norton antivirus 2001 not used]

This is due to a previous version of Norton Norton2002 antivirus software and Windows XP are not compatible, and the terrible thing is that this is not compatible with the new version of the operating system is due to ntldr, ntdetect.com, conflict, and if you need not replace the old file, even if the deleted Windows XP is useless out of. Solution is to symantic site to download patches, or use norton2002, norton antivirus 2002 can present a good run in XP.

[PS Why can not handle driving under XP with]

This is the handle of the driver does not support the XP due to replace the handle can be solved www.topcmm.com download the driver, if unsuccessful run setup to install, use Add or Remove to install new hardware drivers.

[On the LAN in Windows XP can not access Network Neighborhood problem]

Enhance the security of Windows XP, the default is not enabled NBT. Sometimes, in the LAN will use the firewall that comes with access issues arise, you can turn off the firewall.

[On the Windows XP graphics drivers under question]

Windows XP comes with a series FOR NVIDIA graphics drivers generally do not have the problem, but the current version of XP drivers on some machines will have problems after installation, it is recommended you use the system comes with the drive. NVIDIA has done an update on the drive.

[Windows XP installed, how to FAT 32 conversion to NTFS]

Use the convert command, the command line mode command at any time with convert.exe this transformation. For example: convert c: / fs: ntfs to c drive into NTFS.

[Windows XP How to create a boot floppy disk]

Insert the floppy disk, floppy disk drive and then right-click the icon, the pop-up menu to select format, most below the window in the format option to create MS-DOS startup disk can.

[I first installed Win XP, it does not provide dual-boot option. I still want to install a Win98, how to dual boot Win XP menu tune out? ]

You can install Win XP on the basis of direct Win98, completed only enter Win98. At this point the installation program is running Win XP, choose "Repair Install" button. Start again dual boot menu appears.

[Are all the XP should be activated? If you do not activate can you use? How to activate it like? ]

In the Windows XP operating system, Microsoft adopted a "activation" technology. Require the use of XP users who install the system after the first 30 days, via the Internet or telephone, the system hardware configuration Genju user production of a set code and the Windows built-in serial number to Microsoft's Jihuo center Zhuce, Fouze XP will automatically Suoding . If the user repeatedly activated to replace the system hardware or purchase new machinery, the also have to re-activate. The essence of this technology is to ensure that Microsoft's licensing of each Licence (certification) can only use one machine to prevent the pirates could use only one serial number to produce a large number of pirated XP phenomenon.

[My computer is a dual system, Win98 in C drive, Win XP in D drive. If you want to format the C drive reinstall Win98, Win XP without reinstalling the case, Is there any way to restore dual-boot? ]

Simply format the C drive to reinstall Win98 well, the installation is complete you will find the lost pair of boot menu, dual boot means the loss can not start XP. It does not matter, re-run the XP installation program, select the "Repair" installation. Assured that "repair" installation does not mean re-install.

[LAN access in how to make Windows 2000 Windows XP? ]
First in the Windows XP Control Panel -> Users to add new user accounts, set up permissions in Windows 2000 after you can add in the new user name and password to access Windows XP. If you are using XP is the Professional version, you can open guest permissions, so no need to add new users, any machine can access XP.

[I have a Dell's USB 9985 keyboard, resulting in pure DOS mode Win98 can not be used in Win98 and Win XP which use the normal. How do? ]

USB devices usually need to drive, the 9985 keyboard is a USB keyboard, USB port so first drive in the CMOS which can make this work, in general CMOS Chipset Features which have USB KB / Mouse Legacy option, select Keyborad on do. Some motherboards may choose Enable or Disable on the usb mouse and keyboard support. Set to Enable resolved.

[Why is my Modem can not work under XP? ]

This was mainly due to driver problems. Many Modem for Win 2000 driver can not be used under the XP, but I have some of the Win98 Modem driver can be used under XP.

[I am now using a Win Me, you can upgrade to XP? ]

Windows XP upgrade installation is doing so well, it installed three ways: upgrade installation, two systems coexist to install and clean install. We may in the previous Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000 smoothly on the basis of these operating systems to upgrade to Windows XP. Note, Win 95, Win NT 3.51 and earlier for Windows systems and then can not upgrade to Windows

[I recently ran into a problem when I installed Win98, then install Win 2000 or XP, copy the complete file, always jump back or hang, why? ]

Win98 is based on the DOS operating system, especially because of the need to manage memory, Win98 will load HIMEM.SYS in the CONFIG.SYS and EMM386.EXE, even if no CONFIG.SYS, Win98 GUI initialization will also increase the time containing HIMEM.SYS. And the two basic memory management file, with a variety of parameters, different configurations will have a different memory allocation environment. Of course, the system overheating such as when the fan stops and will show these symptoms, you should first check the basic situation of the hardware such as fans and the normal connection or not. If your system is overclocked it can not properly installed, reduce the frequency back to normal after the installation of Win 2000 and XP, some higher rate of success.

[The system shutdown process, sometimes the screen display "Saving your Settings" (Save Settings) will appear when the crash information in the phenomenon]

Upgrade from Windows directory to get updates. Select from the Start àAll Programsà Windows Update PersonalizeWindows Update, click Display the Link.

[Outlook Express]

When the older version of the Windows operating system upgrade to Windows XP, the files and settings transfer wizard may be missing the original statistical data or statistical data covered by the new data. If Windows9X/Me system running Windows XP, Outlook Express program, the information storage function may fail. Scalable patch


Using the Windows XP system CD recording system in the Windows95/98 operating environment or in the MP3 player can not read or missing part of the file or folder. Patch can be related.

[Power Management]

Does not support the Pentium III and Athlon's CPU power management features, leading to use both types of CPU energy consumption of the notebook. Can upgrade patch.

Recently, my Windows XP system, how do suddenly crashes?

Recently, my Windows XP systems will suddenly crash. Because once an hour on the crash, the file being edited will be lost, unable to work. Is there no good solution?

May be due to the recent installation of software and peripherals. Uninstall the software and peripherals, or use the system tool can be resolved.

With Windows 98/98 SE / Me, compared, XP will not easily crash. Even if the permanent memory of the software, or use complex wallpaper and screen savers, generally will not be crashed. As to ensure stability of the system "resources" are sufficient.

Moreover, even crash, it basically does not affect the entire system, as long as the closure of the software in question, are all working smoothly.

However, Windows XP, for various reasons will lead to system instability, or the phenomenon of frequent crashes.

Reason for this phenomenon may be due to the PC and the Windows system does not update the BIOS to the latest version. For the former, you can refer to personal computer makers website to see if there is no need to download the content. The latter must run "Windows Update", download the latest data.

If this does not solve the problem, you can start from the following points to resolve.

List may cause the problem of software and equipment, re-install the driver

For example, if the installation of new software, the software is starting to catch up with permanent, which led to the new software can not properly installed, this can sometimes lead to crashes.

Install specific software system running immediately after the abnormal phenomenon, it is best to remove the software, reinstall.

Remove the software, select "Start", "Control Panel", "Add and Remove Programs" option, open the Add and Remove Programs window, and then you can choose to remove the software.

Re-installation, and then try to close the permanent software to get started. Especially in the anti-virus software is set to effective, sometimes more prone to the phenomenon can not be properly installed. Therefore, the best anti-virus software installation process will be set to null and void (To prevent infection, must be closed during this period e-mail software automatically receive function).

If you install or update some of the peripherals (such as mouse and scanner) driver, the system does not run properly, in general, the problem lies in the peripheral drivers.

Then there is the installation method may be incorrect or inappropriate installation of device drivers. At this point you must reinstall or restore into the original device driver.

Remove the device driver, select "Start" button, "Control Panel", "system", "hardware" option under "Device Manager" button to open the "Device Manager" window, then select to remove the outer set, click the right mouse button, and finally click on "delete" button.

In addition, the restoration into the original device driver, the first in the "Device Manager" window, select the required peripherals, and then double-click. Then in the "Device" window "Device Restore" button.

Use "system restore" function

Remove the software and device drivers to run after the system is still not normal, you can use "system restore" feature. This function is the first personal computer to set a date after running, and then restore the system to the state at that time.

If for system recovery, software and peripherals registration information will be restored to the state at that time. Therefore proposed to delete the specified date after the pre-installed software. Restore and then reinstall the software.

However, after the date specified in the document file and the input data file is not deleted or restored, so users need not worry about these files.

Steps to restore the system as follows: select "Start" button, "All Programs", "attachment", "System Tools", "system restore." In the "restore your computer into a previous state" window, click "Next" button.

Calendar will appear, click on the date to restore. As the date for the bold recoverable, you can choose from. After clicking the "Next" button, according to the instructions on the screen, and finally re-start Windows is completed.

After the operation, if still not solve the problem, it may be part of the Windows system has been destroyed. The final solution is to re-install Windows, or use a recovery CD for system recovery.

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    微软Windows 10必须修复Windows 8.x出现的不利于个人用户的设计缺陷,同时还要将企业客户带入到现代计算时代.再加上更大的Windows平台融合趋势--Windows 10显然标志着这种融合趋势达到顶点--Windows 10或许是历史上最为大胆的软件项目之一. 尽管这并不意味着微软定会获得成功,但我很欣赏这家公司的勇气. 正如微软多次强调的,第一个Windows 10预览版仅仅包括少量的定制式新代码.未来还会有更多的新代码推出.这个版本都是面向企业用户.专注于桌面体验的功能.Wi

  • Windows 8将延续Windows 7经典 2015-01-25

    据国外媒体报道,随着Windows 7即将在10月22日上市,微软已经在开发Windows 7的下一代Windows系统.微软官方近日表示,早在Windows 7进入RC阶段之前,微软就已经计划开发Windows 8.与此同时,微软还在招募Windows 8具体功能的开发人员. 当然,期望微软透露更多的细节是不现实的,但微软近日发表的言论很多都与Windows系统有关.在Windows Vista发布后,围绕着Windows Vista是否是微软最后一版Windows的争论便不绝于耳.微软CEO