windows can close the windows service to improve speed

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This can save memory, speed up boot speed:
1, disable Compressed Folders feature

If you open the zip file, then use winzip or winrar software, then the following optimization is a very good optimization, Windows XP has built in ZIP files, we can browse zip files as folders. However, the system should use some resources to achieve this functionality, so disabling this feature can improve system performance. Implementation is very simple, just cancel zipfldr.dll registered on it.

Start → Run: regsvr32 / u zipfldr.dll

2, reducing the waiting time scan boot disk, restart, when you will see results immediately.

Start → Run: chkntfs / t: 0

3, delete the backup files in a variety of hardware and software are properly installed after the fact, XP needs to be updated when the file is very small.

Start → Run: sfc.exe / purgecache

Then press Enter, you can save hundreds of megabytes.

If the worry, then, from time to implement, this approach would only save space, rather than accelerate.

4 Start → Run: services.msc into XP comes with a list of service changes

In the list of attributes in each service option "off", "manual", "automatic."

alerter - error alarms. (To close)

application layer gateway service - to give third party network sharing / firewall support services, some firewall / network sharing software needs. Take 1. 5mb of memory. (To close)

application management-for setting, release and remove the software services.

automatic updates-windows automatic update. (To close)

background intelligent transfer service - This service was originally used to achieve http1.1 transfer of information between servers, Microsoft says support for windows update HTTP

clipbook - LAN computer to share with the paste and cut / paste content. (To close)

com + Event system - some of the COM + software needs. (Check your c: \ program files \ ComPlus Applications directory, not something you can turn off this service)

COM + Event system application - ditto (to close)

COmputer browser - to view local area network computer services, but does not affect your off! (To close)

cryptographic services-windows windows update files to verify fingerprints, when I update on it. (To close)

DHCP client-who needs a static IP (xDSL, etc.).

Distributed link tracking client-update for the LAN connection information, such as computer A has a file in the B made a connection, if the file is moved, the service will be updated information. Take up 4 megabytes of memory. (To close)

Distributed Transaction coordinator-boring things. (To close)

DNS Client-DNS resolution service. (To close)

Error reporting service - error reporting device, the windows in the error report to Microsoft. (To close)

* Event Log-system logging service, useful for finding system problems.

Fast user switching compatibility-more quickly switch services. (To close)

help and support - to help. (To close)

Human interface device access-support "mentally handicapped" computer accessories. Increase the volume, such as keyboard buttons and so on. (To close)

IMAPI CD-burning COM service-xp engraved dispatch services, software would not have had. Occupies 1.6 megabytes of memory (can be turned off)

Indexing service - horrible xp slow down ... (to close)

Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) ... ...-xp firewall. (Not the case can be closed)

IPSEC Services-public users do not even stick on the edges. (To close)

Logical Disk manager - disk management services. It will notify you when needed, it is generally off. (To close)

Logical Disk manager administrative service-ibid. (To close)

messenger - not the msn, if you want to be harassed off. Note: This monster is the use of gill. (To close)

MS software shadow copy provider-useless, is said to be backed up using. But ... it is. (To close)

Net Logon-Domain Controller with the landing. (To close)

Netmeeting remote desktop sharing-use netmeeting to achieve shared computer. (To close)

Network Connections - Internet / LAN want to use.

Network DDE - and clipbook used together. (To close)

Network DDE DSDM - as above (to close)

Network Location Awareness-If a network share or ICS / ICF may need. (Server) (to close)

NT LM Security support provider-telnet service use. (To close)

NVIDIA Driver Helper service-nvidia graphics card help. (To close)

PDEngine - perfectdisk engine

PDScheduler-perfectdisk planning services PerFORMance logs and alerts-recording machine operating conditions and time written to a log or warning, the content may be too professional, so to decide.

* Plug and Play-auto-check test newly installed hardware, plug and play.

Portable media serial number-is absolutely useless. (To close)

Print Spooler - printer use. (No printer can be turned off)

Protected Storage-store local passwords and password online services, including when filling the "AutoComplete" function.

QoS RSVP - reduced network speed is said to be 20% ... ... (to close)

Remote access auto connection manager-broadband / network share.

Remote desktop help session manager-Remote Assistance service, take 4 megabytes of memory. (To close)

* Remote Procedure Call (RPC) - the core system services.

Remote Procedure Call LOCATOR-the back of no use, manages the RPC database service, occupies 1 MB of memory. (To close)

remote registry - run the remote registry / modify. Microsoft vulnerability ... (to close)

removable storage - generally do not, use tape backup. (To close)

routing and remote access-I do not know those off, I do not know. (To close)

secondary logon-to give a user other than administrator the right to assign the specified operation. (to close)

security accounts manager-like Protected Storage, IIS Admin only need.

server - LAN file / print sharing needs. (Those who can not print off)

shell hardware detection-configured to automatically start some, such as memory sticks, and some cd drive, etc.

smart card - it accounted for 1.4 megabytes of memory (to close)

smart card helper - off. (To close)

SSDP Discovery service-there is no hardware to use this service. (To close)

system event notification-log user login / logout / reboot / shutdown messages. (To close)

system restore service - System Restore service, resource and memory eating monster. Although sometimes used, to decide. (To close)

task scheduler-windows program services. (To close)

TCP / IP NetBIOS helper-If your network without the words Netbios or WINS. (To close)

Telephony - dial-up service, if you do not have broadband dial-up, then shut it.

telnet - or Microsoft's vulnerabilities. This is the root of the telnet command dos not matter. 2 megabytes of memory. (To close)

terminal services-remotely logged into the local computer, Fast User Switching and Remote Desktop features require, these features will not shut it. (To close)

themes-XP theme. After the closure of the XP classic style. (To close)

uninterruptible power supply-power protection equipment used. (To close)

universal plug and play device host-with SSDP Discovery Service. (To close)

upload manager-used to implement the file server and client transportation services, simple file transfer does not require this. (To close)

volume shadow copy-with the MS Software Shadow Copy Provider, useless. (To close)

webclient-be and future. net technologies are linked. (To close)

Windows Audio - control the sound you hear. (Like silent may turn off)

Windows Installer-windows MSI installer service. (Recommended setting to manual)

windows image acquisition (WIA) - Some digital cameras and scanners use, feel useless. (To close)

* Windows Management Instrumentation - important service off there will be strange question.

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