win7 sales break 100 million

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win7 sales break 100 million

Microsoft Win 7 operating system (Artesyn Technologies with map)

IDG (compiler / Mingxuan) Beijing Time on April 25, according to foreign media reports, Microsoft has said that since October 2009 has been officially released, next-generation operating system <! - Keyword -> <! - -/keyword--> Windows 7 <! - keyword - ><!--/ keyword -> sales already exceeded 100 million units.

Microsoft spokesman Brandon Caleb Frank (Brandon LeBlanc) has pointed out in the company blog, "sold more than 100 million units, meaning that more than 10% of the PC already running Windows 7 operating system." Internet traffic monitoring bodies Net Applications statistics previously released, has listed nearly 10 years of Windows XP, is still the world's most popular operating systems, its market share reached 64.5%. Windows Vista's market share of about 10.2%. Microsoft Thursday released third-quarter filing shows the company's Windows operating system sales grew 28%, reaching 4.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Microsoft releases earnings report also showed that as of March 31 in the third quarter, Microsoft's net profit of 40.1 billion U.S. dollars, 45 cents per share, the results were up 35% from a year earlier and 36%. Fiscal 2009 third quarter, Microsoft's net profit was 2.977 billion U.S. dollars, 33 cents per share. Microsoft's third-quarter revenue of 14.5 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 13.648 billion U.S. dollars over the same period last year increased by 6%. Microsoft's third-quarter results exceeded market expectations. Tom Reuters survey, market analysts had expected, Microsoft third quarter earnings per share of 42 cents a share, on revenue of 14.38 billion U.S. dollars.

Microsoft CFO Pitekelai by (Peter Klein) the day of the earnings announcement said, "Windows 7 is still the engine of growth performance of the company. By strong sales driven by Windows 7, Microsoft Windows operating revenues of the third quarter an increase of 28%. At present, more than 10% of computers have installed the Windows 7 operating system, from October 22, 2009 Windows 7 operating system release since the party, which the operating system has become the company's fastest selling in history operating system. "

Microsoft COO Kevin Turner (Kevin Turner) said in early March this year, since its launch last October, Microsoft has sold 90 million copies of Windows 7. Turner also said: "We see many companies are interested in updating to Windows 7. In this area have great momentum. Microsoft has sold 300 million this year, a copy of Windows 7."

But not all of Microsoft's business has maintained strong growth momentum. Microsoft's earnings report also showed that for the Microsoft Office-based business segment revenue for the 4.242 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 4.508 billion U.S. dollars over the same period last year fell 6%; operating profit of 2.622 billion U.S. dollars, a year earlier to 2.756 billion U.S. dollars.