Who is responsible for process management?

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Nowadays, processes and process management to become increasingly hot topic, a considerable number of companies starting to focus on processes and process management. Many companies hesitate to invest heavily in their employees to participate in process management, professional training or to hire experts to the company's process for internal training, hire management consultants and management system design process. These show that: As the market competition, entrepreneurs realize that organizational capacity in the market competition and the importance of business operations, so pay more attention to business value chain synergy, look forward to break down departmental barriers through process management, enhance operational capabilities and organizational operational efficiency. Refinement of management thinking is being replaced by extensive management thinking, which is the market economy and the social progress, business practices to this end should be worthy of recognition.

In advance of the specific processes and process management practice, the companies will encounter a variety of problems. Taking into account all the firm's environment and internal resource allocation, and many other factors, differences, in fact, many of the problems showed more personal issues. Of course, there are some common problems, such as who is responsible for the management of this process, many companies will not clear.

Who is responsible for the management of the business process? The problem, eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom. Some people think the company should be responsible for process management department, because they are specific things to do in this department. It was also opposed to this view, that process management is only a coordinating role in the organization, process management in various departments is the responsibility of departments. I believe that these two concepts are one-sided. Overall, I believe that process management is a corporate-level systems engineering, emphasizing the division of labor, is everyone's responsibility.

Also general manager or CEO (chief executive) is the company's process manager, department manager of the entire sector and professional process managers, regional managers throughout the region process management, process management is the process management units professional consulting and planning, management departments, support center and monitoring center. General staff person in charge of the unit is under the leadership of the implementation process, implementation of feedback and suggestions for improvements.

General manager or CEO is also the core functions of the Executive Board is to develop strategies and decision-making, is the executor of the highest level of an organization, and execution process is the foundation of an organization. There is no clear, documented processes, improve execution will fall through the implementation of strategy and decision-making also will be compromised, if not impossible to implement or not to implement. If the design process compared to the road, then the general manager or CEO is also the chief architect of the road, he (she) must be considered as a reasonable way to organize with the planning and design of roads (ie all of the process), especially the trunk (core process) planning and design.

The people responsible for the process to be responsible for this unit is responsible for responsible for its emergence, design, optimization, restructuring work. The so-called responsibility process, simply, is the unit functions with the corresponding process is to perform duties of the unit processes. For example, the marketing process, market research process from the marketing department is responsible for its duties in respect of departments including marketing and market research. Area is the implementation process within the region by the Regional Manager responsible for managing the process, taken a region-wide process is usually managed by the functional departments.

Centralized management process flow management, to assist general manager or CEO is also the planning process, to perform co-ordination, training and professional support organization with the responsibility to monitor the processes running, organize a variety of process management practices, such as Community of Practice (CoP) group is an important form of process management practices.

And every employee (including managers at all levels) are process specific actors, because in addition to exceptional events, the organization of each member are in the process. In the specific process is running, its members through the accumulated precipitation of the company's experience with a system, surface flow; sound system, optimize the process. Organization of knowledge because of this gradual accumulation of wealth, become more mature, standardized and efficient.

Expansion, we are in society, that is, living among the social processes, but also in the implementation process, implementation of feedback and suggestions for improvements. So, whether you are in society or an organization, you must assume the responsibility to process management, but the division is different. (Rpm)