What is PHP FastCGI?

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PHP's FastCGI so that all of your php applications run by mod_fastci, not mod_phpsusexec. FastCGI applications are fast because they are long-lasting stability. Do not need to start and each request is initialized. This makes application development possible, otherwise the CGI paradigm is unrealistic (for example, a large script, or a need to connect single or multiple database applications).


  1. PHP scripts run faster (3-30 times). PHP interpreter is loaded into memory rather than read from memory each time you need, rely greatly improved the performance of the site script.
  2. Need to use less system resources. As the server each time you need not load PHP interpreter, you can transfer the site to enhance high speed without increasing the burden cpu.
  3. Does not require any change in existing code. Are applicable to all existing PHP's FastCGI

Potential problems

    • For all subdirectories (/ home / USERNAME / public_html / php.ini) you have only one php.ini file available. It is necessary to optimize your website code. If you need multiple php.ini files to accommodate different scripting needs, you can disable any subdirectory fast PHP CGI, and the rest of the place continues to have effect. If you need to do this, please contact support.
    • PHP environment you have to do any upgrades (such as the php.ini file to change) have a few minutes delay. This is because the faster speed for your php.ini file has been loaded into memory, rather than every time when the need arises to re-read from the memory.
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