webservcie calling method order

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  • Contents [hide]
  • 1 WebService Technical Overview
  • Two main objectives of
  • 3 Eclipse read wsdl file
  • 3.1 View wsdl file
  • 3.2 Test calls wsdl
  • 3.3 java call
  • 3.3.1 through the wsdl to generate the corresponding code
  • 3.3.2 Dynamic Invocation mode
  • Analysis of the data returned Digester
  • Analysis of the returned data, Xpath
  • Other analytical methods
  • 4 Conclusion

WebService Technical Overview


Web Service is a new web application that branch, they are self-contained, self-describing, modular applications that can publish, locate, through the web call. Web Service can run from simple requests to complicated business processes of any functionality. Once deployed after the other Web Service applications can discover and invoke it to deploy services.

Simple English Introduction
Extended description to read
w3 Introduction
Small example

The main objective

  • Learn WebSerivce of eclipse is called Debugging
  • Combination of Axis framework to understand the way java client code calls webservice
  • Understanding of commonly used input-out parameters according to changes in format and find the right method call.
  • Right to return a simple xml parsing. This is usually not part of webservice in technical areas, but usually the most commonly used in the webservice technology.
  • Java + webservice framework of the proposal on the
  • Expansion of tools, more convenient testing

Eclipse see wsdl file <br /> call the webservice of the most commonly used techniques is to use the wsdl file. It is the webservice in xml description files. wsdl file can be said to be very simple and clear, but the use of an ordinary editor, open look is quite cumbersome. Use the browser or other format, xml editor, see also a good way, but usually you do not understand the wsdl in the end saying something. Service providers, together with the wsdl provided to you along with the relevant supporting documents. This document explains in detail all of the input-out parameters of the type and significance. Wsdl can also be issued to obtain the url (via the correct url to access usually updated wsdl). If you do not have the relevant documents, please obtain a copy of your service provider. Copy the url provided to the browser's navigation bar, you will see this wsdl file details. So that you can save it as a wsdl file. If you're doing J2EE development, the most common way is to use the eclipse to see the wsdl file. The wsdl file to your project in any place, and then right-click on wsdl file. As shown, with the wsdl editor.

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    Contents [hide] 1 WebService Technical Overview Two main objectives of 3 Eclipse read wsdl file 3.1 View wsdl file 3.2 Test calls wsdl 3.3 java call 3.3.1 through the wsdl to generate the corresponding code 3.3.2 Dynamic Invocation mode Analy

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