Web page conversion of special characters, such as [image]

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package com.email.util;

public class BBCODE {

/ /
/ / [Img code = "1.jpg"] [img code = "2.jpg"]
/ / <img Src="1.jpg" /> <img src="2.jpg" />

public static String filter (String code) {

/ / Bold ...
code = code.replaceAll ("(\ \ [b \ \ ](.[^ \ \ []*)( \ \ [/ b \ \ ]))"," <strong> $ 2 </ strong> ");

/ / Line [b]
code = code.replaceAll ("\ \ [b \ \]", "<br />");

/ / Font ....
code = code.replaceAll ("(\ \ [size =(.*?) \ \ ])(.*?)( \ \ [\ \ / size \ \])", "<span'font-size: $ 2 px '> $ 3 </ span> ");

/ / Color ...
code = code.replaceAll ("(\ \ [color =(.*?) \ \ ])(.*?)( \ \ [\ \ / color \ \])", "<span'color: $ 2; ' > $ 3 </ span> ");

/ / Image [img code = pic/1.jpg]
code = code.replaceAll ("(\ \ [img code =(.*?) \ \])", "<img src='$2' />");

return code;

public static void main (String [] args) {
System.out.println (filter ("[img code = pic/1.jpg] [img code = pic/10.jpg ]"));


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