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4.1.7 provide the ability to download images for concurrent HTTP Portal system, generally support the number of concurrent users to be much larger than the management system, you can support the kind of resources like Sina home page to download a policy, the system of images, sub-classification of business or Portlet , the deployment of multi http server, http server resources from other multiple concurrent downloads, can enhance the home turn on the speed.
4.1.8 Js / css performance optimization tools can be used dynatrace web performance tracking and analysis, the latest version is: dynatrace-AJAX-edition-
Download: http://ajax.dynatrace.com/ajax/en/download/download.aspx
Instructions as follows:
http://blog.dynatrace.com / 2009/11/17/a-step-by-step-guide-to-dynatrace-ajax-edition-available- today-for-public-download /, css optimization focus in accordance with Google Page Speed ​​optimization tips:
4.1.9 Lazy loading content page or tab for more complex components such as tree, in addition to front rendering performance is more important is the performance impact of background page loading speed.
For these pages, the background can use lazy loading strategy, each tab page load time, a way to refresh ajax partial render.
4.1.10 on the front of the CSS / JS on the back
Css html on the definition of the head which can support concurrent rendering speed up page rendering.
Js to be placed on the back page, can make the user experience better, the page appears after the implementation of js logic, to avoid a blank, experience is not good.

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