vs where to merge and compare with beyongcompare

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1.tools -> options -> source control -> visual studio team foundation server -> "configure user tools" button
Extension: .*
Operation: Compare
Compare: C: \ Program Files \ Beyond Compare 3 \ BComp.exe
Arguments:% 1% 2 / title1 =% 6 / title2 =% 7

Extension: .*
Operation: Merge
Compare: C: \ Program Files \ Beyond Compare 3 \ BComp.exe
Arguments:% 1% 2% 3% 4 / title1 =% 6 / title2 =% 7 / title3 =% 8 / title4 =% 9

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    1.tools -> options -> source control -> visual studio team foundation server -> "configure user tools" button 2.Add: Extension: .* Operation: Compare Compare: C: \ Program Files \ Beyond Compare 3 \ BComp.exe Arguments:% 1% 2 / title

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