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web socket implementations heartbeat package 05/30/2010

Now the complex network environment, socket package is to get healthy and strong heart connection to an effective solution, today, we will implement in the web socket heartbeat package program, yes, even though we just do a simple chat room, but we let him stable reliable number is also not wrong.

My heart is a simple package solution, the principle is the heartbeat interval to send packets of data to the server, the server sends back a certain period of time response to heartbeat packets, compared to time-out limit, if more than the set timeout, the server is that the current websocket connection has been disconnected, close the current web socket connection, handled, such as re-connection, or pop-up tips ... ...

Useful core code is like this:

function keepalive( ws ){
        var time = new Date();
        if( last_health != -1 && ( time.getTime() - last_health > health_timeout ) ){
                        // At this point you can think of disconnected, you can set reconnect or to close the connection
                        $("#keeplive_box").html( " The server is not responding ." ).css({"color":"red"});
                $("#keeplive_box").html( " Connect to normal " ).css({"color":"green"});
                if( ws.bufferedAmount == 0 ){
                        ws.send( '~H#C~' );

This is the heart function, sending heartbeat packets and detection of degree of heart health. We will be implanted in the websocket the onopen event, to open the heartbeat detection. Like this:

var ws = new WebSocket( to_url );
                $("#send_btn").attr("disabled", false);
                heartbeat_timer = setInterval( function(){keepalive(ws)}, 1000 );

Yes, this way you can achieve web socket heartbeat package, here are some ways similar to multi-threaded send, sending heartbeat packets at the same time, does not affect the normal data communication, or more times in our example the websocket chat rooms improvements, we can find the heartbeat package is running, and will not interfere with our normal chat. Server I also made some changes, principles similar to that in more than a certain period of time the client did not receive the heartbeat packet sent, then that the client has dropped, close the connection, recover resources.

Demo here:

Now, there is a new problem, if we use php socket to simulate the heartbeat packet technology, how to achieve? Pleased to meet you passing friends, grateful.

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