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  • Vertical Tab --- ext 2010-09-28

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  • Using table to achieve vertical tab 2010-07-09

    Said tab can be easily found in the online search to find a lot, and very pretty, very good results. However, these options also have a lot of cards are used a dedicated js library, or difficult to modify. People do in the website in recent days, wit

  • Using CSS + JS Horizontal tab 2010-07-09

    Following the use of table to achieve a vertical tab, and here is another way to achieve the level tab. 1. The style definitions /** * Description : Tab style */ .tabset a:link,a:visited { font-size:12px; color:#666; text-decoration:none; } .tabset a

  • Coolite Cool Study 2 同时更新多个Tab 2014-10-02

    前段时间有一个需求是这样子的--录入一个查询条件, 出来的查询结果是多张页面.不知道有没朋友遇到这个问题. 展现的效果大概是这个样子 当时用Coolite做测试遇到两个问题: 1. 传递给Tab的Url参数会莫名其妙的被添加上其他字符(到Coolite论坛上问了一下估计是bug).正常情况下,google搜索url是这个样子: 但因为Coolite在Tab的Url后面添加了某些字符,结果变成这样:

  • js regular expression syntax 2010-09-24

    Regular expression syntax A regular expression is the general character (such as characters a to z) and special characters (called metacharacters) composed of text mode. The model describes the main characters in the search to be matched when one or

  • Detailed JS regular expressions 2009-02-27

    Opening, or have to talk about ^ and $ that they are separately used to match the beginning and end of the string, the following examples to illustrate separately "^ The": there must be at the beginning of "The" string; "of despai

  • Regular expression based on JS 2009-08-06

    Character / Significance: For the characters, usually expressed by the literal meaning, pointing out that the next character for special characters, does not explain. For example: / b / matches the characters' b ', preceded by a backslash b, that is,

  • DTD & XSD 2010-03-29

    Mentioned earlier, DTD (Document Type Definition, Document Type Definition) is the definition of XML document elements in the structure and content. In fact, XML in the DTD is equivalent to the "vocabulary" and "grammar" that different

  • Regular Expressions 2010-03-29

    First, an overview of 1, regular expressions can be said to have provided any kind of programming language mechanisms, it mainly provides string processing capabilities. 2, regular expressions in the page address in the usage scenarios: 1) Forms Auth

  • Regular expression escape character (change) 2008-05-08

    Character Matching Grammar: \ d Matches a digit (0 ~ 9) '\ d' matches the 8, does not match the 12; \ D Matches a non-digital '\ D' matches c, does not match the 3; \ w matches any single character '\ w \ w' matches A3, does not match the @ 3; \ W Ma

  • Common Regular Expressions 2010-04-04

    Can only enter a number: "^ [0-9 ]*$"。 N bits can only enter the number: "^ \ d (n) $". Can only enter at least n-bit numbers: "^ \ d (n ,}$"。 Can only enter the m ~ n-bit numbers:. "^ \ d (m, n) $" Enter only the n

  • JS regular expression (3) 2010-02-06

    Border and non-boundary \ b expressed in the meaning of the border, that is, only the string at the beginning and end of the count. For example, / \ bc / beginning of the string on that end of the c or c. See the following example: <script type="t

  • Number of regular expressions used 2010-03-31

    Verify numbers: ^ [0-9] * $ Verify n-bit number: ^ \ d (n) $ Verify that at least n digits: ^ \ d (n,) $ Verify mn-bit number: ^ \ d (m, n) $ Verify the zero and non-zero at the beginning of the figures: ^ (0 | [1-9] [0-9] *) $ Verify there are two p

  • Transfer: flex regular expressions 2010-02-26

    Regular expression is a universal standard, most computer languages support regular expressions, including as3, where a collection of some commonly used regular expression statement, when we used was not his ^ \ D + $ / / match the non-negative integ

  • 30 minutes to learn regular expressions 2010-03-09

    30 minutes to let you know what the regular expression, and it has some basic understanding, so you can own program or web page, use it. Ruhe use this tutorial is the most important - please give me 30 minutes if you do not use regular expressions ex

  • php (syntax) are then 2010-03-31

    Character / Meaning: For the character, usually expressed by the literal meaning, then that character is a special character, does not explain. For example: / b / matches the character 'b', b preceded by a backslash, that is, / b /, then the characte

  • js regular expression 2010-03-26

    follow. For example to match all but a or b of the characters, character classes can write [^ ab] ^ Locator provides matching pattern must be present in the target string at the beginning of it mean that ^ in [] which says that exclude (negative clas

  • LUA scripting language entry 2010-03-28

    LUA scripting language entry Preliminary Study Lua Programming: Mu Feng (Second Life members) This article comes from CSDN blog: In this article, I want to tell you how to Lua programmi

  • Regular expression syntax 2010-04-01

    A regular expression is the general character (such as characters a to z) and special characters (called metacharacters) composed of text mode. The model describes the main characters in the search to be matched when one or more strings. Regular expr

  • SHELL frequently used commands 2010-03-30

    shell /////////////////////////////////////////// We can use the test command, type the following three conditions: string comparison, arithmetic comparisons and document conditions. The following table shows the three types of these conditions: Stri