VBA Excel macro scripting language processing test file copy

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' The specified file directory replication tools  ( Can a user based on the svn version-controlled project to do incremental publishing purpose use  )
' Author  : Xu fruit
' Date  :2010-11-26
Sub copyfiles()
On Error GoTo errorflag
' Specifies the line number of the target file
Dim i As Integer
' Specifies the target file's directory of length variables
Dim j As Integer
' Directory name array, the build target file directory name list
Dim directoryNameArray() As String
' Specifies the target file name part of the file path
Dim relativeFilePath As String
' Temporary directory name
Dim tempDirectoryName As String
For i = 0 To Cells(3, 2) - 1
    tempDirectoryName = ""
    ' Access to the specified destination file path name
    relativeFilePath = Cells(4 + i, 2)
    If relativeFilePath = "" Then
        Exit For
    End If
    relativeFilePath = Replace(relativeFilePath, "/", "\")
    directoryNameArray = Split(relativeFilePath, "\")
    ' If a copy of the target file's path to the directory does not exist, then the establishment of appropriate directory files
    For j = 0 To UBound(directoryNameArray) - 1
        tempDirectoryName = tempDirectoryName & "\" & directoryNameArray(j)
        If Dir(Cells(2, 2) & tempDirectoryName, vbDirectory) = "" Then
           MkDir Cells(2, 2) & tempDirectoryName
        End If
    Next j

    ' Sets the source path and target path
    Dim destinationFileFullPath As String
    Dim sourceFileFullPath As String
    sourceFileFullPath = Cells(1, 2) & tempDirectoryName & "\" & directoryNameArray(j)
    destinationFileFullPath = Cells(2, 2) & tempDirectoryName & "\" & directoryNameArray(j)

    ' Copy the file
    FileCopy sourceFileFullPath, destinationFileFullPath
Next i
MsgBox " The specified file directory replication is complete  "
GoTo finished
Exit Sub
MsgBox sourceFileFullPath & (i + 4)
End Sub
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