Using the Chrome browser, Flash Builder in the output caused by problems

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Today, a bit reload Flash Builder, according to common sense to also reinstall the debug version of Flash Player (for ax and for plugin)! Again and then of course, is the ideal course to open FB trace a "hello world" test! Then of course there is a problem friends. (No problem, wrote this article doing?)

The question arises:
Browser can run the swf file, but FB console is no output data, but FB does not prompt "Do you not install debug FP"! Editor's Note?

Analysis of the problem:
Such as the title implies, I use Google's Chrome browser, remember that Chrome browser comes with Flash Player thing? Since Chrome 5.0.375.86 since version, Chrome browser comes with a Flash Player, but the problem is that it is not built debug version of Flash Player (Chrome can open a swf file, then right to see if a "debugger" a few words, if there is illustrated in the browser you are using a debug version of Flash Player. You can also enter the Chrome browser's address bar "chrome: / / plugins /" and then see the plugin details, including the FP information)! Here, may we all know, is because the default browser, Chrome comes with a non-Debug version of Flash Player to test, so it can not output.

The solution:
Method 1: Install Adobe Flash Debugger Player for Chrome (Chrome update comes as the debug version of Flash Player.) [PS: I did not succeed that comes with manually updated Chrom FP, promising to share the updated online friends about your method:)]
Method 2: Install a different browser, such as the: IE (I am a front-end developer, of course, all the major browsers have.) Then of course, test it in Flash Builder to modify the browser used. Steps: 1. Window -> Preferences -> General -> Web browser, choose to use other browsers tested.

Supplied resources:
Adobe Flash Debugger Player plugin 10.1 for Download

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