Used to obtain the path to the WEB-INF

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         *  Used to obtain the path to WEB-INF
         public static String getAddress(){
                  Class theClass = DatagrabImpl.class;
         u = theClass.getResource("");
                //str Get the path to the class
                  String str = u.toString();
                // Truncated in some previous six unwanted characters
                // Will  %20 Swap space  ( If the folder names with spaces, will become the string obtained by  %20)
                  str=str.replaceAll("%20", " ");
                // Find the string "WEB-INF location
                  int num = str.indexOf("WEB-INF");
                // Interception can be
                  str=str.substring(0, num+"WEB-INF".length());
                  return str;
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