Use Oracle Instant Client connection

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Instant Client Download:

Once downloaded unzip to a specified directory, the directory in a folder called NETWORK, then under this folder and then build ADMIN folder, and then set up tnsnames.ora file, the contents of the following format:



Configuration according to their actual situation; you can also Copy over the previous tnsnames.ora file.

Then open the PL / SQL, the connection need to enter a user name and password when the Cancel, and then set the OCI Library perference inside and Oracle_home, OCI Library = unpack directory \ oci.dll, Oracle_home = unpack directory.

This can be connected to the query, but the inquiry found that when the Chinese will show garbled ...

Then need to set the client character set, so check out the data will not be garbled.

However, to avoid registry changes, we'll write a batch PLSQLDevelop. Bat to achieve the client's character set to set, then the batch file into PLSQLDevelop directory, which reads as follows:

set nls_lang = SIMPLIFIED CHINESE_CHINA.ZHS16GBK (server configured character set)

Finally execute the batch file can be a normal use PLSQLDevelop (and registry changes compared to the implementation of the batch of flaws that after the completion of each man will have to close the batch window, or let him go, until the PLSQLDevelop.exe off).

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