UML basics paste point

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UML basics paste point

Interface map: the top there <<interface>> symbol, the name of the first acts of an excuse, the second of the interface method

Class diagram: the first acts of the class name. The second field behavior and attributes, following the method name.

Dependence: an element in some way that is dependent on another element, with a dashed arrow to represent Canada; as people generally rely on oxygen.

Aggregation is a weak relationship between the owner, is reflected in A can contain B, but B is not A part of the object; such as: team members are part of group does not exist, but the individual members still exist. (Hollow diamond line plus arrow)

The synthesis (or combination), is a strong relationship between the owner, reflecting the strict relationship between part and whole, part and whole life cycle is the same; such as: part of the human limbs, people do not exist, and limbs are not exist. (Diamond with solid line plus arrow)

Association describes the system between discrete objects or instances of connection. Associated with a table containing two or more classes per order, in cases where replication is allowed to connect. The most common association is between a pair of classes per binary association. Used to indicate the link between the object only. Such as the relationship between students and courses. (Said with a straight line with arrows).

Inheritance is used to achieve a triangle, triangle implement the interface using dotted lines.