Ubuntu screen resolution on the issue

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As the 9.04 mark after the xorg.config no resolution of the size of the change After all the problems black screen will appear, here are the most simple way
vi / etc/X11/xorg.conf

Under the HorizSync to change the refresh rate is like my 17-inch viewsonic monitors default is HorizSync 28.0 - 58.0
I changed the HorizSync 28.0 - 92.0 so save a lot more after re-starting the resolution, I have the best resolution 1280 * 1024 also recognized it out do not know why ubuntu9.04 do not support my monitor, I rub

  • Ubuntu screen resolution on the issue 2010-07-30

    As the 9.04 mark after the xorg.config no resolution of the size of the change After all the problems black screen will appear, here are the most simple way vi / etc/X11/xorg.conf Under the HorizSync to change the refresh rate is like my 17-inch view

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    1 Enter the following command in a terminal to edit the file: sudo gedit / etc/X11/xorg.conf 2 Enter the super administrator password. (If you use the super administrator account before login, then automatically skip.) 3. Find "Section" Monitor

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    VGA Boot modes to set screen resolution A simple way to set your screen resolution and color depth for most Live Linux distro's is via the use of the vga = parameter boot option. For example at boot you might type: Live vga = 795. This would set your

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    Android's icon in the study before the design is necessary to understand how the Android interface is the screen adaptation diversification. Suitability Because the same UI elements (such as 100 × 100 pixel image) in the high-precision screen lower p

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    To obtain cell phone screen resolution: android.util.DisplayMetrics; DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics(); getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(metrics); int height = metrics.heightPixels; int width = metrics.widthPixels; Or : D

  • Android to get the machine display screen resolution 2010-10-10

    Android to get the machine display screen resolution import android.util.DisplayMetrics; DisplayMetrics dm = new DisplayMetrics(); getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(dm); Screen width = dm.widthPixels; Screen height = dm.heightPixels;

  • Note for screen resolution on the point of DisplayMetrics 2010-10-31

    import android.util.DisplayMetrics; private DisplayMetrics dm;// Screen resolution container dm = new DisplayMetrics(); getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(dm); int width = dm.widthPixels; int height = dm.heightPixels; Get above the tou

  • flex to get the screen resolution 2010-12-22

    / ** Get the screen resolution resX ** / public var resX: int = Capabilities.screenResolutionX; / ** Get the screen resolution resY ** / public var resY: int = Capabilities.screenResolutionY; If it is in the package should be introduced as in oh, suc

  • linux modify linux to modify the size of the screen resolution and color 2010-12-25

    Such a change: Section "Monitor" Identifier "Monitor0" VendorName "Monitor Vendor" ModelName "Monitor had not detected" HorizSync 31.5 - 37.9 VertRefresh 50.0 - 70.0 Option "dpms" EndSection To Section &qu

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    HVGA screen density = 160; QVGA screen density = 120; WVGA screen density = 240; WQVGA screen density = 120 density value indicates how many per inch display points, and the resolution of the two concepts. Density under different screen resolution in

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    As the project required the design to the screen resolution and the conversion ratio between images. .. That is quite familiar with this code, and: Android has provided DisplayMetircs class can easily obtain the resolution. Briefly described below Di

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    Option Explicit Public Declare Function ChangeDisplaySettings Lib "user32.dll" Alias "ChangeDisplaySettingsA" (ByRef lpDevMode As DEVMODE, ByVal dwFlags As Long) As Long Public Declare Function EnumDisplaySettings Lib "user32.dll&

  • According to the screen resolution to determine the type of browser CSS code to automatically invoke different 2011-05-19

    Not only determine the browser, but also determine the resolution of the code <br /> <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"> <! - if (window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf ("MSIE")> = 1) { var IE1024 = ""; var IE800 = &

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    Reprinted from: http://qinglangee.iteye.com/blog/694577 ubuntu9.10 using the grub2 His profile is / boot / grub / grub.cfg This configuration file is / etc / default / grub file and / etc / grub.d folder for each file generated to change the file, in

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    When the adjustment is selected inside the Generic CRT Display 1024 X 768 resolution, and then you can restart the system as required.

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    <HTML> <HEAD> <SCRIPT language="JavaScript"> alert('screen.width=' + screen.width + 'screen.height=' + screen.height); <!-- screen.width: Gets the width screen.height: Gets the height of the --> </SCRIPT> </HEAD&

  • Access and modify the computer screen resolution VC 2011-05-03

    // Gets the resolution m_nWiondwMetricsX = ::GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXSCREEN); m_nWiondwMetricsY = ::GetSystemMetrics(SM_CYSCREEN); // Change resolution DEVMODE lpDevMode; lpDevMode.dmBitsPerPel=32; lpDevMode.dmPelsWidth=1024; lpDevMode.dmPelsHeight=768

  • VB Get / Set screen resolution 2011-03-09

    Option Explicit Private Declare Function GetSystemMetrics Lib "user32" (ByVal nIndex As Long) As Long Const SM_CXSCREEN = 0 Const SM_CYSCREEN = 1 Private Declare Function EnumDisplaySettings Lib "user32" Alias ​​"EnumDisplaySettin

  • Linux change the character interface screen resolution 2011-09-26

    grub edit the grub.conf / Boot / grub / grub.conf In kernel / boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-128.el5 ro root = LABEL = / rhgb quiet vga = 791 Restart the computer can see the GRUB after modified result. Different colors and resolution of the corresponding value

  • flash access to the user screen resolution 2010-04-03

    trace (System.capabilities.screenResolutionX) trace (System.capabilities.screenResolutionY) Summary of other attributes object output System.capabilities for (var i in System.capabilities) ( trace (i +":"+ System.capabilities [i]) ) This carried