ubuntu introduce common problems and common software

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I. Frequently Asked Questions
1 Open the windows notepad. Txt file garbled input terminal gconf-editor bring up the gconf-edit
Followed by opening the
apps-> gedit-2-> preferences-> encodings in the auto-detected
In the double-click pop-up dialog box to add GB18030, GBK, GB2312, then GB18030, GB2312 moved to the open again. Txt file, the problem is not solved?
(2) dynamic desktop settings System - Appearance - Visual Effects - Expansion
3.ubuntu in as an administrator how to open the file or folder in Ubuntu, because of user rights issue that can not be edited some files, some folders can not write. Ubuntu Tweak can be used to solve this problem. As follows:
Ubuntu Tweak - personal settings - the script - the right of the "disabled script" in "as an administrator with a text editor to open" and "view as administrator" drag on the left. Right-click the folder and then select "script - as an administrator view," can the system folder of files to operate the.
Or in the file browser, right-click the file and select "script - as an administrator with a text editor to open", you can modify and save the system files.
4.window created under the project into eclipse under ubuntu eclipse Chinese garbled
The following are the window to GBK encoding, LInux under the eclipse default is UTF-8 encoding.
Solution is as follows:
Modify / var / lib / locales / supported.d / local file, add in the file
zh_CN.GB2312 GB2312
So, Ubuntu will support GBK encoding forest, the following set eclipse
First Windows-> Preferences, then select General following Workspace, Text file encoding options other GBK, GBK option if not, it does not matter, directly GBK three letters, Apply, GBK encoding the Chinese, not the hash. (Note: do not set before writing the program will be messy, to re-modify the program)
II. Commonly used software
1 music player software name: Audacious
Chinese garbled Solution: Open the software, the interface right click and select: Options - playlist, on the right found: 'header format', select into: 'Custom (Custom)', then enter:% f.
2 movie player software name: SMPlayer
3 translation software Software name: stardict (StarDict)
The software is installed, to give it added a "dictionary"
Dictionary Download: http://yeelou.com/huzheng/stardict-dic/
Once downloaded decompress it, then put the file system usr / share / stardict / dic StarDict software to open, click the house button - Dictionary Manager, you can see a list of dictionaries to add the dictionary under their own
4.Ubuntu under the "optimizing master" --- Ubuntu Tweak
5 compression software in ubuntu, the system comes with a compact package management software, but it is not supported by default rar and 7zip format.
Installation method, inside the terminal: sudo apt-get install rar unrar p7zip p7zip-rar p7zip-full
6 Window Navigator software name: Avant

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