TWaver Dashboard Demo in JavaOne 2010

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  • TWaver Dashboard Demo in JavaOne 2010 2010-08-27

  • JavaOne 2010 impressions - Draft articles 2011-01-04

    Records wanted to focus on Beijing 2010 JavaOne knowledge, but unfortunately the Beijing Railway Station in San Francisco than the original shrink too much, do not feel very inadequate force of the original one way or another, so bring the JavaOne 20

  • New features of JDK 7 PPT (this JAVAONE 2010 presentation materials) 2010-09-24

    New features of JDK 7 PPT (presentation materials this JAVAONE 2010), Richer content, new features are introduced related to JDK 7 PPT

  • JDK 7 new features of PPT (this JAVAONE 2010 presentation materials) 2010-09-24

    JDK 7 new features of PPT (presentation materials this JAVAONE 2010), Content rich, introduced new features related to JDK 7 PPT

  • TWaver Flex Demo in Flash Builder4 problems and solutions are deployed 2010-09-26

    Customers get TWaver Flex Demo, and then deployed in the FB, the demo copy of src into it often will find a lot of reported errors, not run. This was mainly due to the latest Flash Builder used by default SDK is 4.0 or 4.1, but many customers still u

  • JavaOne 2010 Session I choose Beijing 2010-12-18

    2010 JavaOne Beijing, my choice Session Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, and Oracle Develop Beijing 2010 Dec 17, 2010 personal schedule The following print is your personal calendar. Monday 15:30 17:30 3160 City Hall Opening Keynote Tuesday 09:00 09:45 154

  • JavaOne 2010 Session of the Evaluation of Beijing 2010-12-18

    Java-based Web services technology to deal with asynchronous This session, summary, talked about three things The client can easily conduct a simulation of asynchronous call, in fact, there is a background thread and still be blocking access. Using W

  • TWaver HTML5 + Node.js + express + + redis(六) 2015-04-22

    接上一篇TWaver HTML5 + Node.js + express + + redis(五), 这一篇将讲解如何用模版生成html页面, 如何验证用户登录, 您将了解到: 1. 模版引擎jade 2. 使用express的session功能 一. 用jade生成登陆界面 用express就不得不了解一下模版引擎, 比较流行的是jade和ejs, 这里以jade为例: 1. 安装jade: npm install jade 2. 配置express使用jade //设置e

  • TWaver Android 概述 2015-04-22

    Android特性 Android是Google公司基于Linux内核的开源操作系统,主要用于移动设备,目前在智能手机市场占有重要份额.Android应用层使用Java语言开发,运行于Dalvik虚拟机,每个Android应用运行在独立的虚拟机中,这保证了各应用间资源的保护和线程安全. Android架构简图 Android编程方式:Java,NDK,HTML 通常使用Java语言开发Android应用,但也可借助其他语言,如Android NDK(Native Development Kit)

  • TWaver HTML5 + Node.js + express + + redis(四) 2015-04-22

    在上一篇TWaver HTML5 + Node.js + express + + redis(三)中,您应该对Node.js的web框架express.实时通讯框架Socket.IO.redis客户端:redis有所了解了.这一篇将介绍TWaver HTML5的拓扑和通用组件功能,您将了解到: 1. 拓扑组件 2. 树组件: twaver.controls.Tree 3. 属性页: twaver.controls.Property

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    Whatever content you have to present, you can present them in a more interactive & more responsive ways. In this article we'd like to present 10 Brilliant techniques using some jQuery magic to grab the attention of your users with a simple, rich user

  • Telecom Software Development Flex will bring change? 2010-03-01

    If you are a programmer telecommunications industry, famous topology tools TWaver You must be familiar; but if you mention TWaver think of a Swing component package, you no doubt already out of. After ten years of development, TWaver look is no longe

  • MySQL Oracle will not abandon the commitment can only be better 2010-09-30

    I translated the text, originally published In the times of JavaOne 2010 on, Oracle has pledged to continue the strong support of the community version of MySQL, but you will probably aim at

  • Java EE Productivity Report 2011 2010-12-21

    What happens when over 1000 Java developers compare their development environments? Tweet Want to read it later? Download the PDF version here! *** Last year, we published a report on Turnaround Time, tools and Application Containers in the Java Ecos

  • Export pictures Flex 2011-06-01

    Flex export pictures to go through several steps: 1, to create a UI component, the content will be drawn on which export 2, create a BitmapData object to draw one of the components by bitmapData.draw 3, through PNGEncoder or JPEGEncoder transcoding t

  • Oracle will not abandon the commitment can only be better for MySQL 2010-09-30

    I translated the text, originally published in In this on the JavaOne 2010, Oracle has pledged to continue to support community version of MySQL, but you will probably aim at the target arch

  • JavaFX 概述 (译) 2011-10-07

    原文地址: JavaFX是什么? JavaFX平台是Java客户端平台的进化产品.使用它,应用程序开发人员可以创建和部署跨平台的富互联网应用(RIAs).JavaFX平台提供一组基于Java的图形和媒体API,其中图形引擎通过硬件加速使其性能更高,媒体引擎则可简化数据驱动的企业级客户端应用的开发. 对于Java开发人员和Java生态圈中的公司来说,使用JavaFX平

  • Mark一下,滑动门插件 2011-11-02

    Sliding Panels - 滑动门插件 1)Colorful Sliders With jQuery & CSS3使用 jQuery 和 CSS3 的特性来创建3D 动态的幻灯效果.主要功能:创建幻灯效果.动态改变柱状图.能够和 jQuery 整合. 主页: 演示地址:

  • 成为JavaGC专家Part I - 深入浅出Java垃圾回收机制 2013-03-03

    对于Java开发人员来说,了解垃圾回收机制(GC)有哪些好处呢?首先可以满足作为一名软件工程师的求知欲,其次,深入了解GC如何工作可以帮你写出更好的Java应用. 这仅仅代表我个人的意见,但我坚信一个精通GC的人往往是一个好的Java开发者.如果你对GC的处理过程感兴趣,说明你已经具备较大规模应用的开发经验.如果你曾经想过如何正确的选择GC算法,那意味着你已经完全理解你所开发的应用的特点.当然,我们不能以偏概全,这不能作为评价一个好的开发人员的共通标准.但是,我要说的是,深入理解GC是成为一名伟

  • 深入浅出Java垃圾回收机制 2013-05-16

    对于Java开发人员来说,了解垃圾回收机制(GC)有哪些好处呢?首先可以满足作为一名软件工程师的求知欲,其次,深入了解GC如何工作可以帮你写出更好的Java应用. 这仅仅代表我个人的意见,但我坚信一个精通GC的人往往是一个好的Java开发者.如果你对GC的处理过程感兴趣,说明你已经具备较大规模应用的开发经验.如果你曾经想过如何正确的选择GC算法,那意味着你已经完全理解你所开发的应用的特点.当然,我们不能以偏概全,这不能作为评价一个好的开发人员的共通标准.但是,我要说的是,深入理解GC是成为一名伟