Turn the discussion about whether to use frames

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We use the framework to solve the problems in our project, not to use the framework uses frames, such as the novice is very easy to coupling problems, through hard-coding the various components coupled together, resulting in maintenance when the cost is high, this is the problem, how to solve this problem? We may try to customize some configuration files to achieve loose coupling, that is always ill-considered, there are a variety of problems, this time we may find that their predecessors have explored a best solution: Inversion of Control, IoC is . IoC is thought that in following this idea, Flash sector has a number of framework implementations, including Parsley, Spring ActionScript, etc., then we will introduce the framework to help us solve the coupling problems encountered before (and perhaps we will choose a different framework, framework extension based on, or even their own development, but not the point, focusing on the ideas we use to solve the problem IoC), this process is very important, that is, solve the problem so that we understand the importance of the framework; If this process , just to make use of IoC framework code change, you also difficult to understand the significance of the implementation of the code, the implementation of the framework will only create more resentment.
For the team, no matter whether the existing framework, or frame-based transformation, or fully developed, there is no doubt that the framework is essential, the framework will provide a unified framework for the project team's understanding and help team members avoid detours, learning from on the basis of previous experience, the strength of the team play to the maximum.
For individuals, I advocating the most important ideological framework, form do not have too much formality, since the implementation of individual projects of a small outsourcing, cost control is very important, including time costs; We have also said, the greatest significance of the framework is its guiding ideology So even if the individual implementation of small projects, there is a good guiding principle is very important, it can help you avoid detours to complete the project as soon as possible to reduce the risk of emergence of Bug, so the implementation of the project must comply with the framework of the idea; in the form on whether the reference of a certain framework, is not important, for example, we implemented a small Minisite, whether it must be the introduction of PureMVC? To meet the PureMVC framework, we need to write more class, more time to pay, then we can not use third-party framework, and according to the actual situation of the project, the implementation of a miniature of the MVC architecture, the architecture and ensure that the project code readability at the same time, try to reduce implementation costs, personal feeling is more practical, more applicable to individual small projects.

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