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Of: Randall W. Rice, CSQA, CST, CSTM

Translation: skinapi

Introduction and training for test team has been led for many years, so I always something usual to determine testing needs to be communicated to the novice. Whether you are a novice or an experienced test test experts, a lot of useful things to remember.

1, you're a checker, you do not need to test the quality of personnel responsible for <br /> many go astray, do not understand that they are evaluating the product, rather than control products. It has a big difference between the two. For example, a test team spent several weeks testing and find a lot of defects, just to look at management's decision to release a known serious defect products. Test team will often feel demoralized, questioned the purpose of their tests.

I asked team members whether they are paid salary, and usually get the answer is "yes." I ask if they try to do work, once again, usually get the answer is "yes." I then told them, "You do your work. You try to test, found a defect and had reported. So now you can go home and rest. In fact, as a tester is not the only failures reported a known defects. "

This does not boost morale, but it will help things in the right direction, especially to people not at home every night and then office.

Many testers, including me, when we started testing, the seems to feel right application of our testing of Ji Tong's Zhiliang responsible. Although the starting point of this work is quite impressive, and may in fact we test the quality of the product basically no control. Is for this reason, the tester is not responsible for the quality. Now the problem is management does not always see the distinction. I often see the management on similar "We pay these people not to get high-quality software?" Issue.

2, defects are valuable <br /> every defect and increase understanding of both opportunities. We may have only one chance to observe a defect, so I always tell the testers always maintain a high degree of attention, not to dull the torture test.

Defect information may be available for the project data in one of the most effective resources. But it all depends on us to capture and convey more than good the defects we found relevant information.

Each flaw will spend money throughout the organization. If we can not learn to further understand the product, we will waste a lot of time and money. When we put an error into an in-depth understanding of the opportunities, leverage appears. Let's face it - some lessons to learn only through experience.

Who is to blame because of a defect will not have any good effect. Blame will only make low morale, communication interruption. It's like flogging a dead horse keep hope alive as it can.

3, before you report a problem everything is good <br /> This is a reality faced by testers. You can schedule testing, obtain the necessary resources, it seems everyone is on your side. But when you report a problem, things began to get nervous.

Appear on the abrupt change in this attitude because now you are criticizing someone's work. Self-esteem makes the self-harm received, relations are strained. In some cases self-esteem is worth looking forward to, as long as the problem that when you start to notice when the attitude could change on it.

I often recommend testing personnel to do one thing to read some of your past writing bug reports, assuming that he is the person to receive bug reports. You will find some of their more sophisticated needs. Write a sarcastic statement, without any defect report may no fun, but it does help and the developers have maintained a good relationship.

4, can only test you can observe the <br /> you might always want to test some really creative use case, but if you are unable to observe the results, what does that mean? While some applications allow you to view many, but still you can not close, such as structural, hidden object, such as background process.

5, do not forget how you to a place <br /> I am not talking about know why you walked into a room, but the steps in the test. For novice common test is to find a major flaw, it can not reproduce it in order to locate address. So you will feel uncomfortable, not knowing in the end is really found a flaw, or that simply is wrong to use the application.

You can test steps used to track your way to a test script, test records, keystroke loggers, such as Spector and screen video capture tools such as Hypercam.

6, standards and procedures is your friend
Although the standards and procedures so that some people feel restricted, but they work for you, provided valuable guidance. Not to reject the standards because they are detailed and specific. So use them to guide their faster and more consistent to complete their work.

7, not enough time for testing <br /> almost every testers complained that not enough time for the test, but the reality is anything to test the full extent of the time are not sufficient. When you fully consider the characteristics of software, such as availability, security, compatibility, interoperability, etc. This is especially true.

Do not complain about lack of time, learn to conduct risk-based priority order, the attention is focused on the application of the management is very important goals. Sometimes we test the content than we need to test, because our goal deviation from the value of the product.

8, you can not find all the defects <br /> If you test something later found defective, do not become discouraged. You may have done a very comprehensive work, obtain a high level of defect removal, but the goal of 100% is impossible.

9, maintain a sense of humor and confidence in the future <br /> always smiling, stay healthy may be your best way of life. If you are in difficult conditions, please believe that all this will be the last.

10, for to do our best, not perfect test novice <br /> often caught in the process of perfection that is the standard 100% correct. I have one of the victims, but to defend themselves, I like the late 80s well before "99.9% is not good enough" and the impact of TQM posts and articles.

Pursuit of the perfect problem is that it makes testing slow process and will introduce you worry about everything, so you are more critical, and often make your friends and family are disappointed.

Of course, no one is willing to make mistakes, but they appeared a little carelessness. Would like to not make mistakes is to deny reality. Strive to do our best is a good habit, that your work attitude and commitment. If you want to do their best, you will take a little more forward.

According to my observation, most people see the error or experience are very tolerant of mistakes. People are most concerned about is your reaction towards the issue.

11, developers are not enemies <br /> require the efforts of the entire project team to submit high-quality products. Sometimes developers do not seem to care about quality, this time there may be hidden reason behind things. When you need better and developers cooperation rather than against them. We should always bear in mind the good communication is a key factor in success of the project. When you and the developers stand to the opposite side, the exchange stopped, you test a lot of information required can not be obtained.

12, establishment and maintenance of a private communication network <br /> your personal and working relationship is a very important asset. No matter when you have work or not work when you they are a good support system. Find a good instructor, and when you learn something enough to become a mentor to others.

13, continued to practice their skills in <br /> your skills to separate you and others. Always through participation in professional meetings, to obtain certification, read professional information, etc. to keep on learning. I set goals for himself to read at least one a week and personal development and career-related books (testing, leadership, business, IT, etc.).

A personal development expert said that if you are in any particular theme each day to spend 30 minutes reading, you should be able within five years to become an expert on the subject. This works for me - and you can try.

Another expert yourself and always a good way to establish the network is active in a number of QA or test forum.

Of 14, the current into the more difficult, lazy requires creativity of the <br /> When I first became a test team leader, I use these words made a note hanging on my desk. It constantly reminds me to my creativity as a lever to solve the problem.

Learn from a new creative way of looking at the problem. You may have a good test plan, but how do you cope with change? Flexibility is an excellent problem solving the key features of the person in charge.

15, simple is not always easy <br /> we tested a lot of work to do seems very simple. However, the challenge is to maintain the coherence of efforts.

Some problem-solving approach at first seem simple, but not because it is simple and obvious to discard any idea. Similarly, do not underestimate the need to achieve a simple idea of the effort.

Some saw me and William E. Perry co-book "Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing" commented that these challenges are very simple and very easy to solve. Makes me wonder why people year after year that "people issues." I think that the ideas generated in the brain than the actual realization of them to be more simple.

Wisdom is more important than knowledge. You may have learned a great deal of testing technology, but if you do not have enough wisdom to judge when to use them, there is no overall understanding of them, your ability to apply them will be greatly limited. Have adopted the materials for any of you there is an issue, "you do not know what you do not know." Wisdom to help you understand what you need to know which to succeed.

These are all listed above, I hope I have just started testing fully recognized. I hope they help you.

- Quality Assurance
Understanding of needs and demand for the preparation of acceptance conditions, responsible for developing test plans for test developers to complete the requirements, and reporting error is responsible for the software performance, pressure, capacity, load testing, manual function is responsible for project testing and launching test

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