Treatment browser cache problem (with timestamp)

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For a
<script type="text/javascript">
function convert (url) {
if (url.indexOf ("?")>= 0) {
url = url + "& t =" + (new Date ()). valueOf ();
} Else {
url = url + "? t =" + (new Date ()). valueOf ();
alert (url);
</ Script>
/ / Special code for verification, when something clicks for one, has no effect

//================================================ ========= handle address =
$. Ajax ({
type: "GET",
url: timeTemp ("AJAXXmlServer "),// other address can also be
data: "username =" + username,
dataType: "xml",
success: callback

function timeTemp (url) {
if (url.indexOf ("?")>= 0) {
url = url + "& t =" + (new Date ()). valueOf ();
} Else {
url = url + "? t =" + (new Date ()). valueOf ();
return url;

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