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Today, introduce Trac, a Web-based bug management system.

Trac official home page
Sample Trac

Trac bug has a strong management capabilities, and integrated Wiki for document management. It also supports code management tool Subversion, bug management and so can easily reference in the Wiki source code.

bug management

In Trac, the project problems as ticket. Like a bug, feature improvements, TODO and so can write a ticket.
• You can set the priority level ticket.
• You can set the ticket milestone, that the ticket should be completed and can be displayed through the bars to complete the degree milestones.
• You can customize the conditions generated bug reports, and SQL statements can be custom report format.

Subversion integration

Through the Subversion integration, developers can view Web-Trac in the various versions of the code base code and the code change history, and can easily compare the differences between each version.


Wiki to support common syntax. Management while increasing the number of special bug tag, you can easily create the ticket, the history of lines of code and even modify the link.

Trac is written using the Python, the background to use SQLite or PostgreSQL or MySQL database, and build a complete Trac system need to install the following software:

• Apache
• Python
• Subversion
• PostgreSQL or MySQL (optional)

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