To send and receive messages using Java Mail

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With the continuous promotion of web applications, e-mail more and more are all used. Although we tend to e-mail and Foxmail, Outlook e-mail clients such as linked, but often we also need to send their programming to receive e-mail, for example, a Web site after Web site registered users of the receipt issued by mail, or when shopping online , after the completion of orders send a confirmation e-mail within minutes. For such demand, we can not have the mail client need to send or write your own message handler. Here we talk about how to use JavaMail to implement send and receive mail.

Note: This article is only intended to discuss the JavaMail send and receive messages with attachments some skills, so just give part of the code
1. Send e-mail with attachments

We usually send a message can be decomposed into two main parts, one is the sender, then the addressee, subject of mail headers, and part is the message content, which includes e-mail attachment. We send regular mail settings when the content type is "text / html", belt attachments, we need to set the content type of Multipart, then content, including the accessories and "text / html" type of text. Here's the place to tell you how to attachment to the message.

private Multipart getMultipart() throws MessagingException,UnsupportedEncodingException {
MimeMultipart mp = new MimeMultipart();
//  Set the contents of the content
MimeBodyPart contentMbp = new MimeBodyPart();
//  Please specify the character set, otherwise it will be garbled
"text/html; charset=GB2312");
//  Add Attachment
for (int i=0;i<_mailAttachment.getAttachPath().size();i++)
MimeBodyPart mbp = new MimeBodyPart();
FileDataSource fds = new FileDataSource((String)
mbp.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(fds));
catch(MessagingException ie)
System.out.println("Set Content Message error..."+ie.getMessage());
throw ie;
catch(UnsupportedEncodingException ie)
System.out.println("Encode the fileName error..."+ie.getMessage());
throw ie;
return mp;

Note attachment to place as follows:
Send mail to note when the character set issues. Not only the content in to settings and file names also need to set. If we remove


this sentence, then you will be brought to the selected e-mail attachments or inside, but could not see the attachment. We can know by looking at the message size. We use this characteristic to achieve is to send html content in written language, and contains the picture information of the message.

2. To send content in the html page that contains the message

We all know html language to bring picture link (

), Then when we send e-mail links on the need for these pictures to do special processing. Otherwise, the message is received in each other will not see pictures when. Our special processing method is to send them as attachments, but does not appear in the annex. To do that would first need to parse the input of content and find the path brought pictures. Then the content of

Code into a. When we send attachments with mbp1.setHeader ("Content-ID", "IMG") to correspond to the pictures and attachments. How to resolve the specific content of the operation I will not go into, I now how to modify the given good examples of content sent.

//  Send html type for  content.  Including pictures inside  .
for(int i=0;i<_mailContent.getImgHash().size();i++)
MimeBodyPart mbp1 = new MimeBodyPart();
//  Get the picture of the data
FileDataSource fds = new FileDataSource(
//  Set to MimeBodyPart in
mbp1.setDataHandler(new DataHandler(fds));
//  Html for images and the corresponding relationship between attachment

3. The status of the message

After reading the message, we can set the delete flag to the message, and then close with a true FOLDER time to clear has been marked as deleted messages. The message status is defined in the class FLAGS.FLAG. Include the following:


We can be set according to different needs, but it should be noted that not all servers support these states. We are doing before you can getPermanentFlags way to get the Message in the state. Reference the following code

Message m = folder.getMessage(1);
// set the DELETED flag
m.setFlag(Flags.Flag.DELETED, true);
// Check if DELETED flag is set of this message
if (m.isSet(Flags.Flag.DELETED))
System.out.println("DELETED message");
// Examine ALL system flags for this message
Flags flags = m.getFlags();
Flags.Flag[] sf = flags.getSystemFlags();
for (int i = 0; i < sf.length; i++)
if (sf[i] == Flags.Flag.DELETED)
System.out.println("DELETED message");
else if (sf[i] == Flags.Flag.SEEN)
System.out.println("SEEN message");

4. Receive e-mail with attachments

In the e-mail with attachments, the message is Multipart content type, so we need to resolve it to get content and attachments (which is to send mail with attachments reverse process). We use outlook, foxmail when these e-mail client will find that our messages are downloaded from the server and saved to local hard disk, and in this way to facilitate our e-mail offline browsing. In the following example we have to save messages on the server to the local. If you are interested you can write a client graphical interface to read the saved messages.
In the following example, I just told you how to parse attachments.

private void getAttachFile(Part messagePart,BufferedOutputStream writeAttachObj)
throws IOException, MessagingException
Object content = messagePart.getContent() ;
//  In this case the message is sent with the multi mode  ,
//   This model includes an attachment and the use of html that  content  Mail
if (content instanceof Multipart)
Multipart contentTmp = (Multipart) content ;
//  MULTI mode if it is sent  ,BodyPart(0).getContent()  Sure it is  content
System.out.println("content==" + contentTmp.getBodyPart(0).getContent()) ;
//getCount()  Can be content in the  bodyPart  The number, content is the first
//bodyPart,  Other accessories in accordance with the order and so on. But sometimes is another e-mail attachment  ,
// And this message inside may have other attachments. The following code uses the loop to parse the nested case  .
for (int i = 0 ; i < contentTmp.getCount() ; i++)
if (contentTmp.getBodyPart(i).isMimeType("multipart/*"))
Multipart multipart = (Multipart)
contentTmp.getBodyPart(i).getContent() ;
//  The place to increase recycling is to solve the case of nested attachments  .
for (int k = 0 ; k < multipart.getCount() ; k++)
//content  Also present in INPUTSTREAM in  .
//  This case the message is plain text form, and no attachment
writeAttachObj.write(("content = "+content+"
catch (Exception ie)
System.out.println("exception====" + ie.getMessage()) ;
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