To assign awk array in the array shell

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Method 1, through the eval

#declare -a arr;
eval $(echo $ipstr | awk '{split($0, filearray, ",");for(i in filearray)print "arr["i"]="filearray[i]}')
#eval  The contents of the print , And JavaScript eval The same capabilities
#echo ${arr[1]}
for i in ${arr[*]}
#scp_c="scp $i:/opt/flow_video/2011-05-26.txt"
#echo $scp_c
scp $i:/opt/flow_video/2011-05-26.txt /opt/flow_video/2011-05-26_$i.txt

Method 2 temporary files by

`awk 'BEGIN { split("'"$str"'",a,"#")}
     END   { for (i in a) {print a[i];$count++; }}'  /dev/null > 2`

while read buf
 c=$(expr $c + 1)
done < 2
echo "array len:" $c
  echo ${tArray[$i]}

Execution output
array len: 3
@ &?

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