The maximum length of string in Java

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In the cpp in order to portability, string length is the string:: size_type, suddenly wanted to know the java string length is the maximum allowed number. String to see the source:

public final class String
110 implements, Comparable <String>, CharSequence
111 {
112 / ** The value is used for character storage. * /
113 private final char value [];
115 / ** The offset is the first index of the storage that is used. * /
116 private final int offset;
118 / ** The count is the number of characters in the String. * /
119 private final int count;

String is a char array in the form of internal storage, the length of the array is int type, then the maximum length of String is Integer.MAX_VALUE out. Also, because the characters in java based on 16-bit memory, so it takes about 4GB of memory to store the maximum length of string. But this is just a string variable, if a string literal (string literals), such as "abc", "1a2b" and the like written in the code string literals, then the maximum length allowed depends on the string stored in the constant pool size, that is, the format string in the class file storage format:

CONSTANT_Utf8_info {
u1 tag;
u2 length;
u1 bytes [length];

u2 is an unsigned 16-bit integer, so in theory the maximum allowed length of string literal is 2 ^ 16 = 65536. Nevertheless, the actual tests show that the maximum length of only 65,534, more than on the compilation error, and are interested can try to write sections of the code.

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