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These days need to use on the HTML node element of the deletion / insertion operation, due to use insertBefore method, encountered some trouble, now as a knowledge of the order, respectively, appendChild, insertBefore, and sum up the insertAfter

appendChild defined

appendChild (newChild: Node): Node
Appends a node to the childNodes array for the node.
Supported: IE 5.0 +, Mozilla 1.0 +, Netscape 6.0 +, Safari 1.0 +, Opera 7.0 +

Add a node to child nodes of the specified array, and reads like a little mouthful, it simply is to add elements to the specified node

appendChild Usage

target.appendChild (newChild)

newChild as the target child nodes into the final after a child node

appendChild example

var newElement = document.Document.createElement ('label');
newElement.Element.setAttribute ('value', 'Username:');
var usernameText = document.Document.getElementById ('username');
usernameText.appendChild (newElement);

insertBefore defined

The insertBefore () method inserts a new child node before an existing child node.

insertBefore () method is used: the existing child node inserted before a new child node

insertBefore Usage

target.insertBefore (newChild, existingChild)

newChild as target of the child node before the node inserted into the existingChild

existingChild is optional parameter, when the null effect when the same with appendChild

insertBefore example

var oTest = document.getElementById ("test");
var newNode = document.createElement ("p");
newNode.innerHTML = "This is a test";

oTest.insertBefore (newNode, oTest.childNodes [0]);

Well, then there should also have insertAfter insertBefore of it?

Good that we come to write one example with Aptana, but Aptana smart tips to tell I do not have insertAfter this method

Then define a Luo own:)

insertAfter defined

function insertAfter (newEl, targetEl)
var parentEl = targetEl.parentNode;

if (parentEl.lastChild == targetEl)
parentEl.appendChild (newEl);
) Else
parentEl.insertBefore (newEl, targetEl.nextSibling);

insertAfter usage and examples

var txtName = document.getElementById ("txtName");
var htmlSpan = document.createElement ("span");
htmlSpan.innerHTML = "This is a test";
insertAfter (htmlSpan, txtName);

Will htmlSpan as txtName brother node into the node after txtName


1, appendChild insertBefore is done on the node and the method to use, but insertAfter only a function of the custom

2, insertBefore compared with appendChild, the more flexible you can insert the new node to the target node child nodes of any location in the array.

3, and the use of appendChild insertBefore to insert a new node the premise that his brother must have a common parent node, node

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