The general framework of Section II-EJB3.0

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Asynchronous enterprise messaging services in detail. We have encountered most of the MDB are implemented JMS interface.

MDB (Message Driven Bean) to achieve the same business logic; with the Session Bean The difference is that the client does not directly call the MDB method. The client by sending a message to the message server to trigger the implementation of MDB to realize asynchronous operation between system components. MDB is commonly used robust system integration or asynchronous processing.

² MDB can be to handle multi-threading to achieve concurrency without the need for any additional jobless independent code

² MDB messaging mechanism to reduce the use of the configuration and coding capacity; also by the deployment descriptor file, or annotation to provide configuration information

MDB Pool

Containers receive the message




Messages reach their destinations

Order Object

Using the @ MessageDriven annotation can easily create MDB, the specific use and examples described here temporarily.

JBoss server using JBoss MQ. Entity & JPA

EJB3 persistence managed by the JPA, which uses as an object - relational mapping (ORM) technology automatically persistent Java objects.

JPA defines persistent specification, defining the following criteria:

² used to map entities to database tables ORM configuration metadata creation

² EntityManager API, used for physical implementation of the CRUD (create, read, update, and delete)

² Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)

At present there are more common implementation of JBoss Hibernate, Oracle TopLink, and Apache OpenJPA. Need to be mentioned is that, JPA did not regulate the handling of the cache, the choice of JPA is achieved, need attention.

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