The differences between various versions of Oracle

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Oracle 9i than 8i new features, what more?
Briefly said: 9i easier to manage.
Detail: concurrent cluster, 8i OPS upgraded to 9i RAC, 8i between nodes to exchange information with the hard drive, 9i node network cable between the high-speed cache fusion (Cache Fusion) technology to exchange information, exchange of more than 100 times faster.
9i to modify the kernel parameters line and memory allocation, 8i not.
Data file and table space management, 8i manual management, 9i automatic management.
9i than 8i enhanced support for ANSI SQL99.
9i than 8i enhance quick recovery after a failure (Fast-start).
8i only support physical backup (physical backup) database, 9i also adds support for logical backups (logical backup) database, the backup of the database in addition to the primary database as a mirror, can also provide other data services.

9i Oracle 10g more than what new features?
Briefly said: 10g support grid (Grid), to support automatic management (Automatic Management).

10g, g is the "Grid" short, support grid computing, namely, the use of multiple server nodes form a virtual high-speed networks, high-performance server, load balancing across the grid (Load Balance), on-demand node additions and deletions, avoid single point of failure (Single Point of Failure).

Easy to install, installation than 9i cut in half.
New browser-based Enterprise Manager (Enterprise Manager).

Automatic Storage Management (ASM), add or delete the hard disk no longer need to mirror the operating system administrator, load balancing, physical volumes, logical volumes, partitions, file system, just make an Oracle command, ASM will automatically add or remove hard disk management.

Memory automation, automatic distribution and release of required system memory.
SQL performance tuning automation.

Free browser-based application development tool Oracle Application Express (formerly HTML DB), to support 10g and 9i R2.

Rapid correction of human error flashback (Flashback) queries and recovery, can recover the database, table or record.

Data Pump (Data Pump) high import, export data faster than traditional methods more than double the export, import, fast 15--45 times.
Fine audit (Fine-Grained Auditing), record all the operation of sensitive data.
Table space to store data (TableSpace) cross-platform replication, greatly improve the data warehouse load.
Streams (Streams) copy, to achieve low system consumption, two-way (double-direction), HTTP (resume from break point), cross-platform (cross platform), the complex cross-copy data sources.
Data Guard disaster recovery (Data Guard) to increase the logical backup, backup the database daily to run in read-only, full use of the backup database.
EE supports many new options, strengthening the internal management of the database "Database Vault", the database activity auditing (Audit Vault), Data Warehouse advanced features (Warehouse Builder Enterprise ETL, Warehouse Builder Data Quality).

More than 10g Oracle 11g What new features?
Oracle 11 g extend the exclusive provider of grid computing has the advantage, you can use it to improve customer service levels, reduce downtime and more efficient use of IT resources, but also can enhance the performance of business applications around the clock, scalable and security.
Using Real Application Testing (RAT) to minimize the risk of change
11 g reduced the database upgrade, and other hardware and operating system changes the cost, significantly simplifies system testing before and after the change so that you can identify and solve problems. For example:
Using Database Replay, you can easily capture at the database level and the actual production load test your system to re-play, so you can fully test the system changes (including critical concurrency characteristics) influence.
SQL Performance Analyzer identify structured query language) SQL (and performance of the implementation of plans to change back. You can then use the SQL Tuning Advisor to solve the problems identified, the method is to restore to the original implementation plan or further optimized.
Automation to improve the efficiency of utilization management DBA
Oracle Database 11 g continue to work (starting from the Oracle9i database to Oracle database has been 10 g) was significantly simplify and fully automate DBA tasks. Oracle Database 11 g of the new features include:
Self-learning function automatically using SQL Optimization System Global Area (SGA) and Program Global Area (PGA) memory cache of automatic, uniform adjustment of the new advisor for the partition, data recovery, flow performance and space management for the Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) enhancements, to provide Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) environment in the global view for better performance and improved performance comparison analysis.
Quickly resolve the problem by troubleshooting
Oracle Database 11 g in the new troubleshooting features enable customers to capture Oracle after an error
Support the required data becomes extremely simple. This can speed up the solution to the problem, reducing the need for customers to reproduce the problem.
Minimize the cost of downtime by quickly restoring data Oracle Data Guard
Oracle Data Guard in coordination between local and remote server database maintenance and synchronization in order to quickly from a disaster or site failure recovery. Oracle Database 11 g provides a wealth of significant enhancements Oracle Data Guard, including the ability to run on the physical real-time query standby system for reporting and other purposes of physical standby system can be temporarily converted to a logical standby system to perform on-line, rolling the database upgrade
.. Support snapshot backup system test environment In addition, the performance of physical and logical standby has improved. Logical standby now supports Extensible Markup Language (XML) type character large object (CLOB) data types and transparent data encryption. Now supports automatic, quick-start failover to support asynchronous transfer.
Oracle Database 11 g provides several automatic storage management for the important high-availability enhancements
Support for rolling upgrades ..
.. Automatic bad block detection and repair
.. Fast mirror resynchronization, this feature can be effectively re-synchronized storage network connectivity is temporarily lost when the image Automatic Storage Management Automatic Storage Management storage array performance enhancement makes it faster to open a large database and reduce SGA memory consumption. These enhancements also allow the DBA to increase storage allocation unit size to speed up large-scale sequence of input / output (I / O)
Significantly increased uptime
Oracle Database 11 g so that you can apply a lot of one-off database patches (including diagnostic patch), and no downtime. The new data recovery advisor through the quick identification of root cause for the DBA to provide recovery options available, greatly reducing downtime, and in some cases, through "self-healing" mechanism automatically correct the problem.
Oracle Database 11 g There are other performance improvements, including
.. Automatically compile the database PL / SQL and Java
.. The trigger faster, including more effective trigger calls per line
Faster simple SQL operations ..
Oracle Data Guard .. faster and Oracle Streams Replication
.. And the Network File System (NFS) storage device faster, more reliable direct connection
Faster upgrade ..
.. Large files faster backup / restore
Faster backup compression ..
Oracle Database 11 g ILM including a large number of new features, such as
.. The new partition functions, including
. By the parent / child reference partition
. By the virtual column partitioning
Oracle Database 11 g also has Oracle Flashback Data Archive with the Total Recall, so you can query the table in the selected previous data, thus providing a simple and practical to add a time dimension to the data of the method to the change tracking, ILM, auditing and compliance.
Other high-availability enhancements
Oracle Database 11g high availability, there are other enhancements, including:
Oracle Flashback Transaction Query provides other related matters with rogue services change button to change the options that can be transmitted with a more enhanced platform migration and data movement, including transport district, models, and cross-platform database
Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN) support the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) snapshots, in order to achieve more closely with the integrated Windows backup optimization of performance and reliability compliance, legal discovery and integration trends in the data warehouse the size of the database every two leading years will triple, which greatly affects the large database storage cost and performance, reliability and manageability. Oracle Database 11 g so that organizations can use low-cost servers and modular, easily scalable storage of large transactions and data warehousing systems and provide quick access to weather data. Oracle Database 11 g to provide new and innovative features to further improve the environment requires very stringent performance and scalability.
Using SecureFiles securely store all of your data
Oracle SecureFiles is used to store large objects in the database) LOB ((such as images, large text objects, or including XML, medical imaging, and geospatial raster objects, including advanced data types) of the next generation of products. SecureFiles provide services that fully and file system comparable to superior performance. In addition, it provides advanced features such as intelligent compression and transparent encryption and transparent duplication.
Online transaction processing by compression to improve performance and minimize storage costs
Oracle Database 11 g support for online transaction processing (OLAP) applications commonly used in the update, insert and delete operations of data compression. Previous versions of Oracle database applications to support data warehouse load operation commonly used bulk data compression. Oracle Database 11 g OLTP Table Compression through more efficient use of memory to cache data and to reduce table scan I / O improves database performance. Using OLTP table compression, you can use minimal processing overhead to 2 to 3 times the compression ratio.

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