The body tag with the label

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Body tag with the label, is to allow nested tags within the label, usually used to perform some logic operations such as judgments and circulation.

The body tag with the tag needs to inherit BodyTagSupport, the class contains a bodyContent property, the property on behalf of the body tag.

BodyTagSupport also contains two methods.

doAfterBodyO: Every time after processing the tag body to call the method.

void doInitBodyO: Start calling the method is called when the body tag.

If necessary, you can override these two methods.

The following is an example of iterator tag, how to develop a body tag with the label, the label body contains two properties: bean and the item, bean properties on behalf of a page within the List; the item on behalf of each of the List element. Label the source code is as follows:

public classMyiteratorTagextends BodyTagSupport / / labels need to send on behalf of a collection of object names private String bean; / / set the object element private String item; / / set the current index private int i = 0; privateint size; prl flight rate Li st <String> itemList; Ilbea port property setter methods public void setBean (String s) bean = s; Ilbean property getter methods public StringgetBea port () return bean; Ilitem property setter methods pUblic void setltem (String s) itern = s; Ilitem property The getter method publicStringgetItem () {return item; / / start processing the label, call the method. public int doStartTag () throws JspTagException1 / List from the page to get the range object itemLiat = (List <String? pageContext.getAttribute (bean); / / Get the length of List size = itemList.size ();// will set the current index value on the page variable in the range of itern pageContext.setAttribute (item, itemList.get (i); / / return value EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED. that need to calculate the body of the tag return EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED; / / handle each time after the body tag to call the method public int doAfterBody () throws JspException / / Move List object's index position i + +; 1 / If the index has been more than a collection of length if (i> = size) 1 / the index back to zero i = 0; 1 / no calculators body, direct calls doEndTag method return SKIP_BODY; / / will set the scope of the current element value of the item into the page properties pageContext.setAttribute (item, itemList.get (i ?);// cycle calculators body return EVAL_BODY_AGAIN; 1 / end body tag to call the method public int doEndTag () throws JspTagExceptiontry {/ / Output tab body content bodyContent.writeOut (pageContext.getOut (?);} catch (IOException ex) {throw new JspTagException ("Error"); return EVAL_PAGE ;

Here is a nested within the tag with attributes tag, which features a very simple, just get the properties from the page range, then the output on the page of the property value. The code is as follows: public class WritorTag extends TagSupport (Ilitem property, find the label item from the page properties, and output of property values private String item; Ilitem the setter methods public void setltern (String s) {item = s; Ilitern the getter method public Stringgetitern () return itern; / / start processing the label calls the method public int doStartTag () throwsJspTagExceptiontry {/ / search item from the page properties within, pageContext.getOut (). write ((String) pageContext.getAttribute (item)); catch (IOException ex) throw new JspTagException ("error / /); / / return EVAL_PAGE. to calculate the page output. return EVAL_PAGE;

Label class in dealing with the various methods, different return value corresponds to a different meaning, often has the following return value.

SKIP_BODY: the body does not handle labels, direct call doEndTagO method.

SKIP_PAGE: ignore the labels behind the JSP page.

EVAL_PAGE: tag end of the deal, deal directly with the page content.

EVAL_BODY_BUFFERED: processing the tag body.

EVAL_BODY_INCLUDE: processing the tag body, but ignores setBodyContentO and doInitBodyO methods.

EVAL_BODY_AGAIN: the body of the label recycling.

Two labels in the above configuration tag library, the tag library configuration snippet is as follows:

<! - Configure method on behalf of the device label ...> <tag> <! - Configuration tag name -> <narne> iterator </ narne ><!-- configuration tag implementation class → > <tag-class> rnytag.MylteratorTag </ tag-class> <! ... configuration tag tag body content -> <body-content> JSP </ body-content ><!-- configuration bean property> <attribute> <narne> bean </ narne> < required> true </ required> <rtexprvalue> true </ rtexprvalue> </ attribute ><!-- configuration item attributes of a> <attribute> <narne> itern </ narne> <required> true </ required> <rtexprvalue> true </ rtexprvalue> </ attribute> </ tag ><!-- configuration output tag - → <tag> <! ... configuration tag name of a> <name> write </ name> <1 - the implementation class configuration label a> <tag-class> mytag.WritorTag </ tag-class ><!-- body content of the label configuration label: labels can be empty -> <body-content> empty </ body-content> <! - - Configuration attribute item -> <attribute> <name> item </ name> <required> true </ required> <rtexprvalue> true </ rtexprvalue> </ attribute> </ tag>

Nested in the JSP code using the two labels as follows:
<% / / Create a List object List <String> a = new ArrayList <String> (); a.add ("hello"); a.add ("world"); a. Add ("java"); / / the scope of the List into the page properties apageContext.setAttribute ("a", a );%><!-- elements on the table -> <table border="l" bgcolor="dddd99"> <! - Use iterator tag to iterate on a List object -> <mytag:iteratorbea Estuary ::::lla"item:::: "item"> <tr> <td> <! - the output value of the property the second item > <mytag:write item="item"l> <ltd> </ tr> </ mytag: iterator> </ table>

Implementation of the results page shown in Figure 2.30.
[/ Img] tag iterator Figure 2.30 Note: this example only the iterator to iterate List page range, usage has been limited. Readers can be expanded to an attribute that specifies the scope of the search iterations, and the iteration goal is not limited to List, but the Collection, and even arrays. Most of the frameworks such as Struts, WebWork contains its own iterator tag.

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