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  • The blog articles are reproduced without any copyright! 2011-03-23

    # The blog articles are reproduced without any copyright! (0) # Automatically collected, and some did not indicate the source of the article, please forgive me. (0)

  • Google App Engine (GAE) learning by doing 6 - published blog articles 2010-07-06

    When we log into the system, you can add your blog, although Google's data storage and there are some differences between the traditional database, but GAE for Java using JDO to manipulate the data (required can be downloaded for reference: jdo tutor

  • AOP-01-02 real estate agent network marketing blog articles 2011-02-28

    Reference Note: the original from , for the convenience of my reading, the text format is slightly adjusted. In addition to real estate agent outside o

  • Google App Engine (GAE) learning by doing 6 - List of blog articles 2010-07-08

    In fact, to do list of blog posts than the elephant steps into the fridge even less: Step one: read the article a list of the second step: show the page below the first step we do first, read in BlogService list of articles written inside the method:

  • Java: Sina blog articles with HtmlParser crawl content 2010-07-21

    htmlparser is a pure java library written in html parsing, it does not depend on other java libraries. download address is: Sina blog post html page: / / Han Han Sina blog content part of an article tag, the article

  • English free articles station, did not fully copyright 2010-12-09

  • [ToDoList] ToDoList my blog articles summary, welcome to download 2010-12-07

    Will ToDoLIST blog packaged into PDF, welcome to the region to see uniform download Contents are as follows: 1.1 [ToDoList] ToDoList how to add recurring tasks 1.2 [ToDoList Tools] Gantt Viewer for ToDoList, ToDoList plugin automatically generated Ga

  • Comparison and analysis of two blog (CSDN blog and blog park) 2011-07-24

    Before one wrote about the use of some of his feelings for ITEYE, now let's look at CSDN blog and blog Park - two well-known comparison between the IT blog (just my personal experience, no likes and dislikes of ethnicity). The first is from the basic

  • Multimedia blog draft business plan 2011-07-25

    Multimedia blog draft business plan I. Introduction Multimedia Multimedia blog means that users personal blog space to build a website platform, smart phone users, computers and other devices to their own blog space real-time upload of multimedia fil

  • Struts2 + Spring + iBatis on the web application of best practices series of four (CRUDL articles) 2010-03-29

    Let us first look at what is CRUD, CRUD or Create-Read-Update-Delete the English abbreviation, but I would also like to add one here, L, namely List, combine to make up CRUDL. CRUDL this scenario or model are common among most of the applications, th

  • MVP For GWT series of data reproduced 11: a thorough understanding of GWT Part 1: JSNI 2009-08-17

    The source text from: https: / / A thorough understanding of GWT Part 1: JSNI Original: Technica

  • Analysis: The large flow of small independent blog site of thousands of IP 2010-03-11

    Independent blog in the rankings there is a certain advantage, so I suggest that you choose to do an independent blog traffic, we know that search engines like the original article, if your blog is updated daily articles are original, and the high fr

  • Sina blog article on how to back up (using the beautiful soap) 2010-03-03

    Javaeye pretty good feeling, like he can make e-book functionality. Sina wrote in the blog a while ago, but the technology has nothing to do things, wanted to come in here and find a look, some programs and found that there are python, then it certai

  • Domestic blog moving tool (service) Daquan 2010-04-28

    Original Source: , slight changes. Now moving services on the network blog, blog tools to move more and more blog alliance gathered about, the hope for those who want to help move the blog. 1, and i

  • J2ME technology who blog more than cattle 2010-08-02

    J2ME development in a period of time, always feel that they write more articles, more experience is not enough to help you. So I collected some of my personal view is that focus on J2ME, mobile phone software of the blog writing more and more recomme

  • Framework based on YII 1.14 's blog (translated) of (6) 2010-09-13

    1.4 Design requirements based on previous analysis, decided to use the following database table structure to store process data blog -Tbl_user store user information, including username and password -Tbl_post store blog articles. Out the information

  • Blog Sina blog from the Administration menu on the left of the page code station _ ( 2010-12-31

    <html> <head> <title> Sina blog from the menu on the left of the Blog Management page code station _ ( </ title> <style type="text/css"> <! - body {margin: 0; padding: 0; background: url ("http:

  • Operational elements of the new blog site analysis 2011-07-24

    Blog: obsolete or irreplaceable? More than a decade since the advent of blog, this was once considered the most influential web2.0 new media now seems to gradually lose its irreplaceable position. With SNS, micro-blog, and so the emergence of new onl

  • Window to use android NDK develop Android applications - Getting Started chapter 2010-03-29

    Original articles, welcome reproduced, reproduced when the original address and the author must indicate 1. To build the environment 1. Download and install Cygwin, the installation process takes a little time, a bunch of online tutorials, here is no

  • Network push hands the eight essential qualities 2009-06-09

    With the rapid development of the Internet age, businesses, commercial or even personal networks are constantly expanding demand for advertising, a large number of people to the network industry, the influx of Push Hands. Interview with the network P