The application of declarative programming

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I am now responsible for the development of a production line management system,
Because the lines are often based on user requirements, system control and do some recording, so a lot of changes to the old system,
Dynamic changes in this change process, often a lot of problems, mainly a few are:
1. A function of code scattered everywhere.
2. A lot of duplicate code appeared.
I think everyone in the development process, whether tried this programmatically, write-only process is to write the program logic,
For example, a check process:

class CheckData(CheckClass):

    # Interface will need to enter data
    sn = Input()
    data = Input()

    # Checking logic
    def check(self):
        addCheck(IsUnique(sn)); # Check for uniqueness
        addCheck(IsNew(data));  # Check if the data is the new 

    # Processing logic
    def process(self):

Then, with the other modules to assemble these into the actual code logic.
This ensures that write less code and concentrate on the introduction of the information.

What we have to share the same practice?

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