TextView can bind some of the monitoring

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public void addTextChangedListener (TextWatcher watcher)
Binding a listener object watcher, to monitor changes in text

public void setOnEditorActionListener (TextView.OnEditorActionListener l)
Binding a listener object l, the input method to monitor the soft keys on the keyboard

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    public void addTextChangedListener (TextWatcher watcher) Binding a listener object watcher, to monitor changes in text public void setOnEditorActionListener (TextView.OnEditorActionListener l) Binding a listener object l, the input method to monitor

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    Monitoring the phone call status is idle or is busy: public class PhoneStateListenerActivity extends Activity { private TextView mTextView; protected void onCreate (Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onCreate (savedInstanceState); setContentView (R.l

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    <TextView android:id="@+id/app_shortcontent" android:layout_width="wrap_content" android:layout_height="wrap_content" android:singleLine="true" android:textColor="#FFFFFFFF" android:scrollHorizontally=&

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    Uri uriSMSURI = Uri.parse("content://sms/inbox"); Cursor cur = mContext.getContentResolver().query(uriSMSURI, null, null, null, null); boolean ret = cur.getCount() > 0; 2. Through the style sheet <?xml version="1.0" encoding=&quo

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    If it is in the resource file, it can be written. <resources> <string name="hello"><u>phone: 1390123456</u></string> <string name="app_name">MyLink</string> </resources> If the code is wr

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    / / Activity package com.android.Somejavaknowledget; import java.util.Date; import android.app.Activity; import android.content.Intent; import android.os.Bundle; import android.view.View; import android.view.Window; import android.view.View.OnClickLi

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    1.private void animateRotation (int degrees, float durationOfAnimation) ( long startTime = SystemClock.elapsedRealtime (); long currentTime; float elapsedRatio = 0; Bitmap bufferBitmap = carBitmap; Matrix matrix = new Matrix (); while (elapsedRatio <