[Test Monitor] nmon monitoring and reporting of data collection

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centos 5.5 32bit

wget http://nmon.sourceforge.net/docs/nmon_x86_12a.zip
unzip nmon_power_rhel55.zip
chmod + x nmon_x86_ *

Collect data and generate reports:
Data collection:

Parameter explanation:
-S10 collected data once every 10 seconds.
-C60 collected 60 times, ten minutes is the collection of data.
-F generate the data file name contains the file was created.
-M-generated data file storage directory.

This will generate an nmon file, and updated once every ten seconds, until ten minutes later.
Generated file name such as: hostname_090824_1306.nmon, "hostname" is the hostname of this host.

===================== Generate reports:
Download nmon analyser (free tool generates performance reports):

The previously generated data file to the nmon Windows machine, open the Excel analysis tools with the nmon analyser v33C.xls.
(Note that the macro security level lower EXCEL more)
Click the Excel file "Analyze nmon data" button, select the nmon data files, which would generate an analysis of the results of the file: hostname_090824_1306.nmon.xls, open the resulting file with Excel you can see the results.

If the macro does not run, you need to do the following:
Tools -> Macro -> Security -> in, then open the file and allowed to run the macro.

======================= Example 1:
Automatic data collection by day:
To add a record in the crontab:
0 0 * * * nmon-s300-c288-f-m / ​​home /> / dev / null 2> & 1
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300 * 288 = 86400 seconds, just one day's data.

Example 2:
A, execute the command: # crontab-e
B, in the last line add the following command:
0 8 * * 1,2,3,4,5 / nmon/scriptn/mon_x86_rhel52-f-N-m / nmon / log-s 30-c 1200
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Monday to Friday, from 08 o'clock am, monitoring 10 hours (to 18:00 until the whole), the output to / nmon / log

================= Statement Analysis

Report Example: nmon_data.zip

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