Taobao sellers to promote mutual aid project

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Development issued an Taobao sellers mutual promotion tools for small Taobao sellers to provide mutual assistance between the promotion function.

Business needs:

Project Overview:

The project aims for the majority of Taobao sellers to provide a small platform for mutual promotion. Taobao sellers of middle and small baby in their own pages to add value Shao mutual promotion field, mutual promotion of bar shows other promotional activities to participate in this mutual aid baby sellers, while other sellers to participate in this activity will occur in the baby page Other sellers of baby.

Mutual Promotion Board:

Mutual promotion of column is a short introduction to the baby bottom of the page HTML code. Mutual promotion of bar shows six promotional baby. Detailed page for each baby to promote mutual assistance in the field are based on the property where the baby with the description, select to promote baby-related.

Points system:

Flow available for other sellers bring integration, access to traffic the seller a corresponding reduction points. For example, selling A baby in his column was added to promote mutual assistance, mutual promotion of the B field for the sellers brought flows of the sellers to increase points A, B seller to reduce points. How many points affect the baby sellers the opportunity to be displayed. Through the points system, Gu encourage sellers to participate in, promote mutual help add more columns.

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