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XXX architecture design specification

(Focus on the system architecture design and produce stratified layers within the module, to clarify the relationship between modules)

1. Overview

This reference describes the data and the likely content.

2. Objective

Describe the purpose of this writing.

3. Architecture Design

Clarify the general principles for architecture design, such as analysis of the problem domain.

3.1. Framework Analysis

On the scene and analyze the problem domain, constitute the system architecture level design, to clarify the system of stratification.

3.2. Design

Clarify design ideas for architecture, reference architecture model number, combined with the current system needs the actual circumstances.

3.3. Architecture system

According to structure analysis and design system architecture generated maps and chart to describe, explain the reasons for stratification, level of responsibility, and mapping system according to the physical structure of the deployment plan, describing the system's deployment system.

3.4. Module partition

According to the division of the module structure diagram and clarify the reasons for module division, the physical map drawing module and the module dependency graph.

3.4.1. Module Description

According to the module physical map described the duties of each module, and declare that the other modules interface requirements. .

3.4.2. Module Interface Design

Module interface design, and provide some pseudo-code.

XXX outline design specification

(Outline design focuses on the module is divided into objects and to clarify the relationship between objects)

1. Overview

This reference describes the data and the likely content.

2. Objective

This paper describes the preparation of purpose.

3. Module Design Summary

Reference architecture specification of the block diagram and described the general design for the module idea.

3.1. Design

Summary of design to clarify the idea, the outline design thinking usually involves the design model.

3.2. Module A

3.2.1. Summary of design

Responsibilities under the module outline of module design (decomposition module object, the object of duties and a statement describing the interface between the object), drawing module of the object graph, dependency graph between objects and the main function of the module sequence diagram, respectively, to description and corresponding description of the module exception handling.

3.2.2. Module Interface

Clarify the definition of the architecture in implementation of the interface module design.

Detailed design specification XXX

(Detailed design of the module focuses on the realization of the object module is divided into properties and methods, and explain how)

1. Overview

This set of reference, information and the likely content.

2. Objective

Explained the purpose of this article written.

3. Module detailed design

3.1. Design

Explain the detailed design of the module idea.

3.2. Module A

3.2.1. Detailed design

According to a detailed description of the module outline design for the module to achieve the object, including the object's responsibilities, properties, methods, objects, functions within the flow chart of the associated object class, object exception. (Requires a major draw for the class diagram)

Prompted the preparation of detailed design specification (reference case)

F.1 Introduction

F.1.1 preparation purposes

Help prepare the detailed design specification of the purpose, that readers expected.

F.1.2 Background


a. The name of the software system to be developed;

b. The task of the project proponent, developer, user and run the program system Computing Center.

F.1.3 Definition

Used in this document are listed in the definition of technical terms and foreign words the first letter of the original group of phrases.

F.1.4 References

Listed in the references, such as:

a. The project approved project plan or contract, approval of higher authorities;

b. Belong to this project and other published documents;

c. throughout this document refer to the documentation, including the use of software to development standards. These files are listed in the title, document number, publication date and publishing units, indicating the source of these documents can be obtained.

F.2 program structure of the system

Out the procedure using a series of charts for each program within the system (including each module and subroutine) name, identifiers and hierarchical relationships between them.

F.3 Procedure 1 (identifier) Design Notes

From the beginning of this chapter, one by one to give different levels of the design considerations of each program. The following outline is given for the general situation. For a specific module, especially the relatively low level modules or subroutines, the content of many of its entries and it is often attached to the upper layer of module content of the corresponding entries in the same, in this case, simply note that point can be.

F.3.1 Procedure Description

Give a brief description of the procedure, the main explanation of the purpose of arrangements for the design significance of this process, and, also shows the characteristics of this procedure (the case of permanent memory or non-resident? Are subroutines? Are available or can not emphasis on manpower emphasis on manpower of? whether coverage requirements? is the order processing or concurrent processing Pu ... .. etc).

F.3.2 Function

Note that the program should have the function, can be used IPO plan (ie, input-output map of a deal) form.

F.3.3 Performance

Note all the performance requirements of the program, including the accuracy, flexibility and time characteristics of the request.

F.3.4 entry

Given on the characteristics of each entry, including name, logo, data types and formats, data values of the effective range of input methods. Quantity and frequency, input media, input data sources and security conditions, etc..

F. 3. 5 export items

The output of each item is given the characteristics, including name, logo, data types and formats, data values of the valid range, the output of the form, amount and frequency, output media, graphics and symbols on the output of the note, security conditions and so on.

F. 3.6 Algorithm

Detailed description of the algorithm used in this procedure, the calculation formulas and calculation steps.

F. 3.7 Process Logic

Graphs (such as flow charts, decision tables, etc.) together with the necessary instructions to represent the logic of this process flow.

F. 3.8 Interface

Figure shows the form attached to this procedure the upper layer of module and attached to the next level of this program modules, routines, instructions, and call parameters of the assignment is to describe the phase directly associated with the program's data structures (databases, data, text volume).

F. 3.9 Storage Allocation

Necessary, explain the process of memory allocation.

F. 3.10 Design Notes

Help prepare the arrangements in the program notes, such as:

a. Add the module first comment;

b. Increase in the branching point of the comment; on the functions of each variable, scope, default conditions added by the Notes;

d. Increase the use of the logic of the Notes and so on.

F. 3.11 constraints

Description of the program is running in the restrictions imposed conditions.

F. 3.12 Test Plan

Description of this procedure single test plan, including testing the technical requirements, input data, expected results, schedule, personnel functions, equipment condition and pile driver module requirements.

F. 3.13 unresolved issues

Shows the design of this program has not yet resolved and that the software designers to be resolved before completion.

F. 4 Procedure 2 (identifier) Design Notes

Similar to F. 3 is to describe the first two procedures as well as the first N-program design considerations.

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