Sybase / PHP / JSP development environment, the establishment of the main points

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Sybase / PHP / JSP development environment, the establishment of the main points

Sybase / 11.9 Client
Weblogic / 8.1
Windows / 2000 Pro

Development workstation window2000 pro, ip:, while a Sybase server database services, ip:

Author: tedeyang
Time: June 17, 2005

Sybase 11.9

Client Installation

Nothing difficult, but in the end the character set is set to modify the settings in line with the server-side (generally regarded sybase Chinese environment character set set to "cp850")
Amended as follows:% sybase% / locales / locales.dat file, find the [NT] project,
Will be the last line locale = default, us_english, iso_1 change
locale = default, us_english, cp850

Example: locales.dat

Then install the powerbuilder6.5.

Run dsedit, add the server, server name should be and the same services on the server, and then ping

  1. wjtax,5000
  2. cztax,5000
  3. yuanchen 218.93 .*.*, 5008

Apache 2.0.54


After you install, configure the file conf \ httpd.conf changes to the main changes are:
  1. DocumentRoot "d: /" Web site's root directory for example, now apache will d: / as the root directory, be careful not to omit the "/"
  2. # This should be changed to whatever you set DocumentRoot to.
    <Directory "d:/">
    </ Directory>
    Configuration file directory where the relevant property, the specific parameters and usage please check the document
  3. DirectoryIndex appending index.php index.jsp
  4. Integration php4
    Add in the final statement, load modules:

    # For PHP 4 do something like this:
    LoadModule php4_module "c: / php/sapi/php4apache2.dll"
    AddType application / x-httpd-php. Php

  5. Integration weblogic 8.1
    Add in the final statement, load modules:

    # Add the weblogic 8.1 Module
    # WebLogic Server Proxy Settings
    LoadModule weblogic_module modules/
    <IfModule Mod_weblogic.c>
    WebLogicPort 7001
    MatchExpression *. jsp
    MatchExpression *. do
    </ IfModule>

  6. Above weblogic module will need to download, mod_wl_20, Copy to the \ modules in the.

Example: httpd.conf; Chinese explanation: Chinese version of conf


Will extract the version released to the c:, copy c: \ php \ php4ts.dll, c: \ php \ sapi \ php4apache2.dll, c: \ php \ extensions \ php_sybase_ct.dll to the winnt \ system32 \
copy php.ini to c: \ winnt \, and then modified as follows: (Note that version is not installed, need to make sure extension library in the path)

  1. Error prompted to Open
  2. Extension library to open
  3. Statement extensions directory (or the needs of php \ extensions \ *. dll file copy into the system32)
  4. session set
  5. java Environmental Statement (for applications that require the application of java classes in php circumstances)
  6. Pointed out that the location and type of help files
  7. Super-global variable switch
  8. Open the com component to support

Specific modifications can compare the sample php.ini, and the default php.ini, the Chinese explained: Chinese version of php.ini

(Using ultraedit v11 text comparison tool to see signs of change)

wblogic 8.1 Installation is not a problem, follow the instructions can be carried out step by step, skip to configure the server. To start after you install weblogic, open http://localhost:7001/console for server and application configuration

sybase connection pool and data source configuration:

  1. New connection pool, select the other (or select sybase 5.x)
  2. url: jdbc: sybase: Tds: / wjtax? charset = eucgb (Note: wjtax that dsedit the server, back for the character sets)
  3. driver: com.sybase.jdbc2.jdbc.SybDriver
  4. Add in the property user = sa
  5. The configuration | connections tab "Test Table Name" set in the database a table name, select Test Reserved Connections, and Test Released Connections, into the Testing tab of the connection pool is a successful connection test
  6. Configure Data Source: New datasource, enter JNDIname, select the connection pool (the application can use jndi access to this data source: (DataSource) Context.lookup ( "% JNDIname%"))
  7. Creating Web Applications modules: a little
Tomcat 5 ... ...
Ant 1.6
Ecilpse 3.1
Accessories Description: 1, apache the Chinese version of the httpd.conf file comments

2, php Chinese version of the php.ini file comments

3, sybase of locales.dat file

4, weblogic link to apache's so module file

5, configuration instructions

6, the original rar also includes procedures for apache2 and php4 package, but because the attachment size limit on the bbs removed.