svn installation configuration

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1. Software Download: Setup-Subversion-1.6.13.msi (server software), TortoiseSVN- (client software), MyEclipse's svn plugin
2. Followed by installation of Setup-Subversion-1.6.13.msi, TortoiseSVN- (will be asked to restart the computer after installation)
3. Establishment of the repository (Repository)
First, run the Subversion server needs to create a repository (Repository), can be seen as a database to store data on a server, Subversion server installed, you can run directly, such as:
svnadmin create E: \ svn \ sise_repository
Will be in the directory E: \ svn \ sise_repository to create a single repository.
We can also use the graphical TortoiseSVN completion of this step:
In the directory E: \ svn \ sise_repository under the "Right -> TortoiseSVN-> Create Repository here ...", then choose the repository model, where you can use the default, and then created a series of directories and files.
4. Configuring Users and Permissions
a. to the E: \ svn \ sise_repository \ conf directory, modify svnserve.conf:
# Anon-access = read
# Auth-access = write
# Password-db = passwd
# Authz-db = authz
anon-access = none / / disable anonymous access
auth-access = write / / authenticated users can read and write permissions
password-db = passwd / / validate the user passwd file used by
authz-db = authz / / the default authentication file

b. the same directory and then modify the passwd file, remove the following three lines of comments:
# [Users]
# Harry = harryssecret
# Sally = sallyssecret
Eventually become:
harry = 123456 / / name of value stored in the user name and password "username = password"
sally = 654321

c. Modify the directory with the authz file to set the access permissions [groups] to create user groups such as this is
Admin = admin
Developer = developer1, developer2
Will create two or more user groups, admin and developer, respectively, and their corresponding group.
Setting access path
*= R
@ Admin = rw
As shown above, all users of the svn directory files can be read, admin group permission to read and write ("*" represents all of the user, r w on behalf of the representative read write)
Can set specific access to the repository as follows:
[Repository A: /]
@ Developer = rw
As set up, that all developer team members for the "repository A" all the files below have permission to read and write

5. svn server start to run in any directory: (If you are prompted to check the svnserve not found,% Subversion installation directory% \ bin is added to the environment variable PATH)
svnserve-d-r E: \ svn \ sise_repository \
Our server program has been started.
(Note: Through the implementation of svnserve svnserve-help to get the help information)
Appendix: the svnserve is installed as system services
sc create svnserve binpath = "C: \ developertools \ Subversion \ bin \ svnserve.exe - service - root D: \ svn \ sise_repository" displayname = "Subversion" depend = Tcpip start = auto

There are also two points need to be handled with care. First, if the path includes spaces, must use "\" handling "" "number, such as the example above, if svnserve.exe in" c: \ program files \ subversion \ "in the command should be written as" binpath = "\" c: \ program files \ subversion \ bin \ svnserve.exe \ ""("" content), the following command, the red part is the change in part:

sc create svnservice
binpath = "\" C: \ developertools \ Subversion \ bin \ svnserve.exe \ "- service-r D: \ svnroot"
displayname = "Subversion" depend = Tcpip start = auto

6.MyEclipse url to access resources written svn: svn: / / ip / repository_folder
If want to use the resources of another user to access svn, get first C: \ Documents and Settings \ Administrator \ Application Data \ Subversion \ auth \ svn.simple file under the file deletion, and then submitted to svn in the updated code, you can re-enter user name and password.

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