Subversion Memory Manual

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Were installed subverson client and server, I installed the server is svn-1.4.4-setup.exe, the client is TortoiseSVN-
After installation, you can use svn - version to see the installed version.
Let's create a Repository:
There are two methods for a direct access to the Repository want to create the directory, then use the svnadmin create RepositoryName.
The second way is to use direct path mode: svnadmin create Path \ RepositoryName.
Upon completion, you will see the directory you want to create Repository on, subversion create multiple folders, such as conf, dav, db, and so on.
The following start creating user:
Into the conf folder, edit svnserve.conf file, remove the password-db = passwd before the comment character, that to get to the password from the passwd.
Then edit the passwd file in the [user] add the desired user name below, for example, I modified as follows:
# Harry = harryssecret
# Sally = sallyssecret
nicholas = nicholas
That adds a user, user name nicholas, password nicholas.
Completed the user to add, then began to try to start svn service below,
Can also use the following command to start the service:
The first one is you in the Repository directory: subserve-d-r / RepositoryName
The second is to specify the directory structure: subserve-d-r / Path / RepositoryName
The following explain the-d and-r, meaning:
-D background mode,
Similar are:
-I inted mode
-T tunnel mode
One-X monitor (debugging use)
The-r means that the service's root directory.

Here we installing an Eclipse plug-in, the specific way how to download the plug will not go into here, just explain the link to download:
This allows for use directly in Eclipse subversion of.

Here I wrote an article about Subversion, you want to help:

Subversion Memory Manual

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