Subject: Flex RIA-depth enterprise-level IDE To enter the mobile space

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Subject: Flex RIA-depth enterprise-level IDE To enter the mobile space
March 2004, Macromedia (2005 was Adobe acquired) released Flex 1.0. Since then, based on Flex for RIA development gained more and more power, RIA has become a widely accepted way of Web application development. This year, Adobe has released Flex 4, followed by a Flash Builder 4 and Flash Catalyst, they will be the Adobe Flash Platform technology components.
Adobe Flex Builder Flex development environment is still the most widely used commercial Flex IDE. It is built on open source Eclipse IDE platform. After the release of the Flex 4, Flex Builder will soon renamed to Flash Builder. In addition, Adobe Flash Catalyst is still in beta version, this is a design tool, designed by integrated design and programming to the Flash designers and developers to link Flex.
In addition to Adobe's tools, Flex developers have also reached out to all existing IDE.
IntelliJ IDEA, this is a great success of the Java IDE, it has begun to support from the v7 Flex developed. The latest IntelliJ IDEA 9 provides a more comprehensive features to support the Flex.
Amethyst is a Microsoft Visual Studio is built on top of the Flex IDE. It to the Microsoft platform to provide developers a familiar environment for Flex development.
Ensemble Tofino for Visual Studio is also a Windows developer for the Flex development tools.
FlashDevelop is an open source ActionScript 2 / 3 and Web development environment. It integrates Adobe Flash IDE, Adobe Flex SDK, MTASC (an open source Flash), haXe (an open source programming language that can be compiled into swf) and swfmill (a bi-directional support for XML to swf conversion processor) .
Application framework software development framework aimed at achieving a common software development models to improve programming productivity and improve quality. 2008 introduced some of the Flex / ActionScript Framework for Flex contributed to enhance utilization. They are Cairngorm, PureMVC, Model-Glue: Flex, Foundry, Guasax Flex Framework, ARP, Flest Framework, EasyMVC and Adobe FAST. Since then the emergence of a growing number of frameworks that enrich the Flex ecosystem development:
Ruboss the Flex framework integrates the Ruby on Rails and Merb. It also has a RESTful interface to SQLite with Adobe AIR's embedded database to communicate. Ruboss Rails and Merb application framework and the relationship is like Adobe LiveCycle Data Services ES with the same relationship between the J2EE application.
Mate Flex Framework was released in 2008, its purpose is to simplify the event-driven Flex application development.
Swiz is the IoC framework for Flex. It does not have too many mandatory requirements, such as directory structure or the model code, etc. This is very different from other frameworks such as JEE.
Prana is another of the IoC framework for ActionScript. It is based on Spring Framework XML approach to development.
JumpShip is ActionScript MVC framework, including the standard data model for automated data classification, enumeration and search. It is against the use of single cases in the framework model, and single cases of model for the modern software framework has been widely used.
GAIA is a front-end for Adobe Flash ActionScript framework to support the Flex Builder.
Razor is an ActionScript Component Framework for Flex components commonly used to provide an alternative.
Flight Framework is another ActionScript framework to support the MVC and other design patterns.
Flex and AIR development tools support without debugging, testing, logging, and documentation, software development and how to continue. In the past few years, Flex / ActionScript development community to create a large number of support tools.
RIATest is the GUI for Flex automated testing tools. It supports Windows and Max OS X.
Flexcover is for Flex, AIR and ActionScript 3 open source code coverage testing tool.
Alcon is a lightweight debugging tool support ActionScript3, Flex and AIR development.
Fluint (Flex unit and integration for short) is for Flex 2 / 3 of the test framework, both applications are deployed through Adobe Flash Player Web browser or through Adobe AIR desktop deployment.
Arthropod is for Flex and AIR development debugging tools. With Arthropod, developers can easily debug applications running on.
De MonsterDebugger is for Adobe Flash, Flex and AIR project open source, lightweight, but fully functional debugger. It is completely developed using Adobe AIR.
ASTUce is a regression testing framework, its inspiration from the xUnit framework, such as JUnit. It supports unit testing of the ActionScript 3.
AsUnit is for ActionScript 3 open source unit testing framework. AsUnit 2.x is fully integrated Flash IDE.
FlexMonkey is a testing framework for Flex applications, Flex UI functionality that can capture, playback, and confirmed. FlexMonkey can record and play back Flex UI interactions and generates ActionScript test scripts can be easily integrated into a continuous integration process.
Xray is a Flash application testing tool for debugging applications running on the application will not increase the load.
FlexPMD created by Adobe to the source code directory by examining AS3/Flex to improve code quality and testing common worst practices.
Natural Docs is a document generation tools, support for multiple languages, including ActionScript 3.
Adobe Flex enterprise development in enterprise application development has put a lot of manpower and resources. Most server-side enterprise systems development and integration needs, Adobe's open source BlazeDS and Livecycle DS commercial products in this one play an important role. In addition, Flex / ActionScript community also developed a variety of server integration tools to support enterprise-class RIA development Flex.
Potomac framework for Flex used to develop large-scale Flex application, which uses a modular approach and do not use Flex modules framework. Its inspiration from OSGi, which was used many application server vendors to support modular server functionality.
FluorineFx provides a Flex / Flash Remoting, Flex Data Service, as well as real-time messaging capabilities. NET Framework.
FxStruts is an open source library, provided with Struts in the bean: write the same functionality, but the output format for the AMF or XML.
X2O is the Adobe Flex Application for Web-based data modeling platform. It will generate a remote host framework, so developers can simply write the client.
Spring BlazeDS integration is a Spring component for simplified to Adobe Flex as the RIA front-end development based on Spring.
Spring ActionScript formerly known as Prana framework (mentioned above).
Granite Data Services is a free (based on LGPL) components, the role of the same with Adobe LiveCycle Data Services.
Red5 is an open source Flash server, using Java.
AmFast is a framework for Python, Flash Remoting, NetConnection support and RemoteObject RPC.
Exadel Flamingo can be Flex, JavaFX, Swing, J2ME and Android SDK bonded to the Seam, Spring and JEE in.
There are a variety of scripting language for Flash Remoting support: for PHP5's PHPObject and SabreAMF, for the JEE of OpenAMF, for Perl, AMF:: Perl and Python for the AmFast.
Looking ahead, Flex RIA development will be the next area of mobile platforms. A series of facts that have been released Adobe Flash 10.1 will be able to run a large number of intelligent devices, such as going to release Google Nexus One phone will Anhui An installed Flash 10.1. Once the mobile technology turned out to Flash, Flex community will push into mobile platforms. With the significant increase in flex applications, this acute shortage of talent into the stage, which for the country's technical staff is undoubtedly a good opportunity (for more information refer to

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