struts2-jquery plug-in demo

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  • Struts2 + JQuery + Json and JQuery examples of related plug-ins 2010-08-03

    Source: # Note: 1. Development, should work and the corresponding code page database, located as: utf8 to solve garbage problem; 2. The current development version struts2.1.8, different

  • Struts2 + jQuery to achieve ajax (2) callback function 2010-03-18

    Scenario Description: Ajax using Struts2 + jQuery to achieve the time, how to obtain the return value of the information to correctly prompt the user. For example, to scoring a movie rating, each user can only play once a film score, if the play when

  • Struts2 + jQuery + JSON Asynchronous Interaction 2010-03-22

    Struts2 + JQuery + JSON asynchronous interactions, ranging from background to obtain a single value, object, List and Map of expression data and from the front to get the value of the serialized value through JQuery's $. Ajax (()) reached the backgro

  • struts2 jquery json for ajax request (1) 2010-06-06

    struts2 jquery json for ajax request 2010-05-25 15:31 The first step: create a file called "ajax" in the Java Web Project. Step Two: Add the jar struts2 package here takes four package freemarker.jar ognl.jar struts2-core.jar commons-fileupload.

  • Struts2 + JQuery + JSON implementation AJAX (2) 2010-06-06

    Struts2 + JQuery + JSON implementation AJAX2010-04-22 13:45 online information about this quite a few, but mostly struts1, in Struts2 easier to use JSON for data transfer asynchronous. Prepared before the work: 1.Struts2 relevant lib, pay attention t

  • struts2, jquery, ajax-free refresh login 2010-06-06

    struts2, jquery, ajax refresh-free log 2010-05-14 19:271. action: / ** * Member Login * / public String login () ( try ( Object object = memberinfoManager.validate (memberinfoPO); if (object == null) ( message = "failure"; ) Else ( memberinfoPO

  • Integration of struts2 jQuery validate plugin remote Ajax validation 2010-06-06

    Integration of struts2 jQuery validate plugin remote Ajax validation :----- verify the user name <tr> <td> <label for="user.username"> User Name (<font color=red> * </ font>) </ Label> </ Td> <td>

  • struts2 jquery json ajax three linkage menu (2009-05-27 10:40:10) reproduced Tags: it 2010-06-27

    struts2 jquery json ajax three linkage menu (2009-05-27 10:40:10) reproduced Tags: it js code $ (Document). Ready ( function () ( $. Ajax (( url :"../ adminManage / bindTheater.action ", type: "GET", dataType: "json", success

  • struts2 + jquery + json landing simulation results 2010-07-27

    struts2 + jquery + json landing simulation results 1, new construction, add the necessary jar struts2 package and the corresponding version of the struts2-json-plugin-X.jar 2, in the struts2 web.xml add the following configuration; <filter> <filt

  • Struts2 + jQuery + ajax + json example 2011-07-20

    struts2 + jquery + json + ajax application, write down, and after the backup. 1 Environment jquery: jquery-1.6.2.min.js struts2: Basic package is not said, to talk about the application json package, mainly struts2-json-plugin- json: json

  • struts2+jquery组合验证注册用户是否存在 2013-10-04

    这篇文章主要介绍了使用struts2+jquery如何验证注册用户是否存在,需要的朋友可以参考下 注册界面 register.jsp <%@ page language="java" contentType="text/html; charset=UTF-8"%> <html> <head> <title>注册界面</title> <script type="text/javascript&

  • struts2+jquery实现ajax登陆实例详解 2014-01-17

    这篇文章主要介绍了struts2+jquery实现ajax登陆,需要的朋友可以参考下 文本仪一个实例讲述了struts2+jquery实现ajax登陆的实现方法,具体步骤如下: 一.新建一个web项目,取名test.配置好struts2的环境,并导入Jquery的js文件到该项目. 二.在com.action包下,新建一个 loginAction.java的代码如下 package com.action; import org.apache.struts2.con

  • struts2 jquery 打造无限层次的树 2014-04-29

    需要:Struts2 , jquery树插件 模拟数据库数据:每行数据包括--自己ID,自己内容,父亲ID <%-- tree.jsp --%> <%@ page pageEncoding="gbk" contentType="text/html;charset=gbk" import="java.util.ArrayList" %> <%@ taglib uri="/struts-tags" p

  • struts2+jquery+json实现异步加载数据(自写) 2014-11-25

    异步加载数据利用struts2+jquery+json实现,具体代码如下,感兴趣的各位可以参考下哈,希望对大家有所帮助 //初始加载页面时 $(document).ready(function(){ //为获取单个值的按钮注册鼠标单击事件 $("#getMessage").click(function(){ $.getJSON("ceshi",function(data){ //通过.操作符可以从data.message中获得Action中message的值 $(&

  • Lazy Load, jQuery plug lazy loading picture 2011-05-31

    Quote from Lazy Load, jQuery plug-in delay in loading pictures Jan 31st, 2010 Translate Leave a comment Go to comments. This translation from the Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery, introduce

  • [项目实战] ibatis +spring+struts2+jquery.autocomple... 2011-11-14

    这两天忙公司的项目,没有把项目的demo写出来.趁现在空闲,偷偷的写一下. 先上demo结构目录图: 大家看到了吧,项目层次分得很清楚. config 是 spring和itatis的配置文件.接下来就是经典的mvc分层架构啦,bean ---- dao ---- service ----- action --- view.理论的东西,我就不多说了.下面我按照这个demo开发流程一步一步写出来: 一.在eclipse新建项目,导入jar包,有木有??!!! 二.集成spring和struts,w

  • Struts2+Jquery实现ajax并返回json类型数据 2013-06-21

    网上看到很多关于Struts2+ajax+jquery+json的例子,但是很多都不完整,也看不明白,主要原因是返回jsno类型数据和原来的返回字符串类型数据不一样,并且网友们实现步骤没有说清楚,让初学的朋友捉摸不透到底该怎么做. 我做了个简单的demo,供网友们学习,最后我会附上链接,可以下载整个demo. 首先需要的包(struts核心包和json需要的包): struts核心包: json需要的包: commons-logging-*.jar在导入struts核心包的时候就导入了,所以导入

  • struts2 jquery ajax, as well as run-time error occurs 2009-07-03

    <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> var flag; //it's a flag,when flag is true,the form can be submit; $(function(){ $('#warehouseCode').blur(function(){ var $warehouseCode=$("#warehouseCode").val(); va

  • Struts2 + jQuery to achieve ajax (1) 2010-01-25

    1, will be the json plugin struts2 join web project lib, jsonplugin Download Address: 2, struts.xml add the package to use for ajax <package name="ajax" extends="json-default"> &

  • Struts2 + jquery.validate framework to achieve the user name exists 2010-04-18

    In the project registration page need to determine whether there is user name, using the jquery validation framework for remote method to implement. 1, js script: jQuery.validator.addMethod ("usename", function (value, element) ( return this.opt