Stress test the design, while not cold

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Unit testing ensures that the local behavior of the code is implemented in accordance with design intent, but the unit tests can only cover part of the logic, the logic necessary to introduce some integration testing. However, many kinds of bug or difficult to test coverage, then the system is particularly rely on good design, good design simplifies unit testing, so deep logic becomes simple, thereby allowing more logic becomes measurable . Bad design makes unit testing be a burden and often lead to duplication of tests and difficult to understand the test.
Here of course, is that good design means simple design, but sometimes "simple" word has become a "cold" design an excuse. Simple design is not simple, it is not easy to meet four standards, "simple" word should not be our one thinks, even the stupid design excuse. Here could not help but mention that girls are often told the boy: "I do not need another, as long as you really care about me, that you can not do it!?", I said, it is difficult, the simple interest need to interpret life, and far beyond the four standard Burongyia. "Simple" needs skill, "really care about a person" is a great martial arts.
Testing needs to be emphasized, design, needs to be done.

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