Stop the combining of spool request to an existing one

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Q: this is a general printing question. Currently, system has 'Print Immediately' unchecked for all users, so all printings are hold as spool requests and not printed immediately.

however, if a spool request is generated from the same transaction as previous spool requests, they are accumulated into a single spool request-hence many pages will be printed if user sets to 'print immediately'.

how can we have a different spool request for every request to print? and not add on to previous spool requests.

A: you can pass TDNEWID = 'X'. It will generate the new spool number each time


PRI_PARAMS-PRNEW or ITCPO-TDNEWID: With 'X', a new spool order is created, with '' it is tried to attach to an existing spool order. Therefore, name, output device, number of prints and the format must match. In addition, the existent spool order must not already be completed. This can occur if a spool order is released for output. If no matching spool order can be found, then, a new spool order is created for this case as well.

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