Start and stop on the instance

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The current instance:

C:\Documents and Settings\Mark>set DB2instance

C:\Documents and Settings\Mark>echo %DB2INSTANCE%

[[email protected] ~]$ db2 get instance

 The current database manager instance is:  db2inst1

[[email protected] ~]$ echo $DB2INSTANCE


[[email protected] ~]$ db2start
SQL1063N  DB2START processing was successful.


[[email protected] ~]$ db2stop
SQL1064N  DB2STOP processing was successful.

View Status:

// Stop
[[email protected] ~]$ db2_ps
Node 0
     UID        PID       PPID    C     STIME     TTY     TIME CMD

// Start of the
[[email protected] ~]$ db2_ps
Node 0
     UID        PID       PPID    C     STIME     TTY     TIME CMD
db2inst1      21263      21261   11     14:31   pts/1 00:00:00 db2sysc
    root      21264      21263    0     14:31   pts/1 00:00:00 db2ckpwd
    root      21265      21263    0     14:31   pts/1 00:00:00 db2ckpwd
    root      21266      21263    0     14:31   pts/1 00:00:00 db2ckpwd

Power Auto:

[[email protected] ~]$ db2iauto ?
DB2I1024I Usage: /home/db2inst1/sqllib/bin/db2iauto [-h|-?] -on|-off InstName

Have you set boot:

// The following to start automatically
[[email protected] ~]$ db2set -i|grep DB2AUTOSTART
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